Sunday, July 23, 2017



Pulut Tai Tai with homemade caramel kaya.

Did a small tray of pineapple slices... recipe from 
Decided to try this recipe using the leftover pineapple jam.  The changes which I made:- only used half portion of the short crust pastry. Divide the pastry into 2, half into the bottom of greased pan and blind baked for 15 mins till golden brown.  Spread the pineapple jam onto the baked pastry.  As I had some cream cheese leftover, mix with some lemon zest and  spread them on top of the jam and cover with the other half of the pastry.  Egg wash and bake for a further 15-20 minutes till golden brown.     

As I had lightly cut the lines, it makes cutting through the pastry easily.  The slices were yummy... crisp short crust pastry with the slightly sourish cream cheese cut the the sweetness of the pineapple jam.  This is not easier to make than the rolled pineapple tarts as it involve making the short crust pastry, chilling them and then rolling and pre-baking  but its a nice alternative to enjoy pineapple jam.      

Baked another Pandan Chiffon Cake with homemade pandan paste.

I cooked some caramel kaya during the weekend and had extra coconut cream (santan) leftover.  Decided to make some pulut tai-tai.  

Tthe other plant which are growing very well in my garden beside the pandan is the above bunga telang plant. Normally I would harvest the flowers every evening when there are a lot of them.  These are then dry and kept in the fridge till I require them. A handful of the flowers were boiled with water and then cooled.  1/3 of glutinous rice was soaked with the blue water while the 2/3 rice was soaked with just water for around 2 hours, then drained and steamed.  Prepare the santan with a teasp of salt and add a teasp of lime juice (I use lemon juice instead)..this is suppose to prevent the rice from getting stale and to give them a sheen.  After 10 minutes, fluff the rice and add the santan and steam again for 10 minutes.   

Press a teasp of the blue rice into the bottom of the tins (make sure properly greased) and top with the white rice.  Set aside to cool before serving. 

Favourite tea-time snack with the kaya...must have. 

Notice the sheen of the rice.

Baked Char Siew Buns.. 

I always enjoyed my Sunday breakfast with toasted bread spread with kaya and sandwich together with a thin slice of cold butter!  How about you?


  1. You are so creative!! I wanna make pulut tai-tai birthday cake as a surprise for my wife's coming birthday! I have to think hard how to make them without her knowledge.
    I definitely love that crusty pastry with sourish cheese and pineapple jam! Heavens!

  2. Hi Elaine, your pulut tai tai look so nice, love the blue color. You're very creative. The rest of the snacks look delightful too.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.