Wednesday, December 9, 2015



My neighbour's daughter is homemaker and she grows some beautiful things. She had given me some succulent long beans before and this morning she gave me half of wintermelon which she had harvested. She told me she was making a savoury soup with dried oysters, so I decided to make a sweet soup with some white fungus and red dates.
I had all long been buying seedless red dates as I was too lazy to remove the seeds manually.  But this time, I bought these big  red dates (tasty to eat them fresh)  and all I needed to do was to bang them with a cleaver and then its so easy to remove the seeds!

After preparing the ingredients for the weekday dinners, it was time for lunch for me and brunch for the girls. 
We went to Bangsar for this delicious vegetarian buffet.  There are a variety of flatbreads, chappatis - plain ones, spicy ones and also 3 types of dhal curry which I forget to note down the names so I will call them creamy yellow, black lentils and red lentils and they are all so delicious..I ate a bowl by itself- don't worry the cutlery are small size. You can refill as much as you like just don't waste food ok? 
My second helping and I can tell you after these you will feel full.  These puris are crispy little hollows and they are a hot favourite... gone the minute they are refill at the table.  The Jeera Rice is also very flavour and so are the tiny  corn fritters. They served free Masala Tea (aromatic but a bit sweet for me) and coffee too.    

Seating is rather limited as you can see the queue outside waiting and parking is also rather congested along the road. Service is prompt and clean and the food is good.

Then it is off to the Big Bad Wolf Sale at The Mines. 

Promised myself that these will be last purchases for the year.