Monday, August 3, 2015



Baked Char Siew Paus

I like to experiment and cook and bake and therefore am happy to share with people my homecooked food and baked items etc.even though they may not be perfect 10 (after all my blog has already said it) but  it is and has always been made with tender loving care and it always with good intentions to share and nothing else, don't get mistaken.

So since I will be going to for a workshop in the afternoon at the yoga center, I decided to bake something to bring along.

Look at those  layers of pastry and the char siew.
Used the remaining of the char siew, diced them and sauted with more thick dark soya sauce, sugar,  tossed in some fried shallots, spring onions and sesame seed. 

The Bake-Along theme was Devil Food Cupcakes with frosting. So I followed their recipe and baked some too as its time to use up some of the chocolate in my fridge.     

The Devil Food cupcake with chocolate ganache. 
I did made  the frosting but instead of sour cream (as I did not have) I added whipping cream and the result was a creamy mousse(ice-cream?). Quickly I  made some Chocolate ganache instead.  The recipe for the cupcake was easy to mix and the texture was so fudgy... yum.   

Original Point Workshop with yoga instructor, Mr. Gan (seated front row centre)

Yuan Shin Dian Medicine. Origin Point Medicine.   You can read up on their website  

Learnt some basice facts.....This therapy was started by a Taiwanese TCM practioner as a result of experiences of his dying wife.  Our body is the healer itself.  These origin points refer to the initial points of pain through the meridian points of the body. They are indications of which or where the sickness come from (ie which organs etc)  Our bodies are "cold" by nature and we are encourage to drink hot ginger tea and also apply heat packs  on the pain points. 
Mr. Gan explaining where to find the origin points along our bodies. 
We then find partners to practise on each other... but don't let go your stress or anger on your partners by pressing harder, you have to keep asking whether she can tolerate the pain! 

Mr Gan also advise us to drink hot ginger tea and he recommended using dried ginger instead of  powdered or fresh ginger.  Make the dried ginger by sun-drying sliced ginger in the sun for 4 days at least and then roast-dry (low heat frying) till thoroughly dried.  I must say that the dried ginger tea is very fragrant indeed, with that smoky aroma.   

Refreshment time, the yoga center also provided some curry puffs and doughnuts.

Each of us were given a free massage stick or 2 bottles of dried ginger to take home.


  1. Interesting post and I am a very staunch believer of TCM. I have stopped seeing western doctors for many years now and visit those sinsehs at Petaling Street area who are trained by Beijing's sifus. I like this line of.... Our body is the healer itself.

    You are like my mum, always baked something quickly for gatherings.

  2. All mothers the same..hahaha!
    You want to know//learn about this? There is another workshop on 15/8/2015.. check out Sim Yoga on facebook

  3. Not perfect but made with loads of TLC. It's sure a joy to see them eating your bakes, right?

    why Dried ginger ya? Less heaty? Coz when i take ginger teas sometimes get sore throat

    1. Mr. Gan said that enzymes are more/better. I have been drinking every day since and so far no sore throat....

  4. Your baked items tempt me to have them. It seems to be delicious.Have a nice day !