Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Double dose of sugar - sweet Green Tea Hotteok and Sweet Potato with Green Beans dessert.

Hotteok - these are sweet filled Korean pancakes and are a very popular street food especially in winter.
One of the many gifts which Eunice's parents gave me are boxes of  pre-mix hotteok.   To make sure that I packed them home, they even advised me to remove the boxes and just take the packets considerate is that!  

The instructions are in Korean anyway.  But not to worry as  I had a very professional teacher to show me how to make them.......
my son Jeremy making his hotteok in Sydney!
The previous weekend Jeremy had sent me a video as he made these and earlier he also had given me verbal instructions how to make them. 

My first trial of making them.... ...

This is green tea flavour hotteok pre mix packets.. 

The main ingredients for the dough are flour, milk and sugar and green tea powder in this case, I guess.  

The small  packet of instant yeast is added to the flour and mix together.  Then add one cup of warm water (I only used 3/4 cup) to combine till it come together to form a  dough. It is a rather sticky dough and place it to proof for 2 hours or till double in size.  I did this on Saturday nite and left it in the fridge overnight.  

the packet of jam mix is a dry mixture of brown sugar, chopped peanuts and cinnamon and some sesame seeds as well I think.  

First,  got to wet your hands with oil and lots of it because the dough is so so sticky!  I had scaled the dough at 50 gm each.    

flatten each piece of dough into a circle and place about a teaspoon of the jam mix 

carefully sealed the dough properly.

I finished making all the hotteok and let them aside before frying while I cleaned up.

place each piece on a hot pan (medium heat) and let it cook and brown on one side before flipping over. Lightly press down on the hotteok and cook till golden brown.    Remove and drain on paper towels. These are best served immediately as they tend to become chewy when cold.

Thank you once again Mr and Mrs Lee for the sweet delicious treat.


  1. look simple wor...but but...dunno whether i can make that or not. nanti all burst :p

  2. Hmmm....such delicious treat. I can imagine biting and chewing on the peanut filling. And you have cooked sweet potato with green beans dessert...yum, yum.

  3. Good afternoon ladies
    Simple and sweet treats.. have a wonderful weekend