Sunday, March 1, 2015



Wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous "Goat" year from the Chan clan.

sheep design angpows packets.... 

another "happening"  year with my doggies.... sorry Toto (inside the house because of the doggie rivalry)  we have to take photo without you... 

These are the only CNY decorations which the girls bought.... "ong mali"

Meanwhile over in Sydney, Jeremy and Eunice's day out.... 

And in Melbourne, my sister Vicky and Bill open-house lunch....  

all decked up and ready ....
Among the dishes which she cooked .... 

Assam Fish fillet 

HAR HAR SIEW - Prawns with lemon and soy dipping sauce

Platter of mixed vegetables and 

also not forgetting her upside-down Pineapple cake.

My late mother's favourite flowers for CNY.

Our CNY's eve steamboat dinner- simple and save time and cooking!
I liked the idea very much but again still too much leftovers...

Both of them volunteered to get these foodstuffs for the steamboat too.... yes I know that now I can hand over the household to them .... :D

My sister-in-law's blooming Lotus Root .

getting and yee sang ready ..

Some of the dishes for the 2nd day of CNY... 

Prawns with salted Egg Yolk, Kerabu chicken feet, steamed  chicken, waxed meats.

we are ready for the Loh Hei! 


  1. Hi Elaine, Kung Hei Fatt Choy to you and all at home. Wow, a lot of delicious delicacies. Thanks for sharing your very nice family photos. All very well taken.

    Have a nice day ahead, regards.

    P/S Sorry I'm late in dropping by to send CNY greetings.

  2. Good morning
    We still have till Thursday ... 15th day of Lunar New Year to wish each other....hahahah.

  3. Hi Elaine, Greetings to you. Now after CNY, looking at the long table with lots of food makes me very hungry.

  4. helllo hello Elaine. Hope you are having a fine week :)

  5. Good morning ladies,
    Lunar New Year ended, but eating still going on. hahaha

  6. Good morning ladies,
    Lunar New Year ended, but eating still going on. hahaha