Sunday, February 22, 2015



Picture this:  Cherry Blossom petals drifting down in the gentle breeze as you walk hand-in hand with your belove- so romantic on Valentine's day too!

Wake up... there is no cherry blossom drifting around and yes today is Valentine's day. Time to get ready for the Gogossing Korea Travel Seminar: Cherry Blossom Romance in Korea. The event was held at the Korea Tourisim Information Centre at Menara Hap Seng. This is to introduce to the travellers the coming Flowers Festival that will be happening around Korea during the Spring Festival.  We were treated to numerous videos as the MC explained each Flower Festivals that were being organised at the various parts of Korea. 

The Korean Tourisim Centre at Menara Hap Seng

I heart Korea.... 

Registration counter and we were given a goodie bag... 

2015 calender,  pamphlets on transportation, maps etc. 

Showcase of all things Korean that you can  get as souvenirs 

getting ready for the seminar....most of the participants will be going to Korea this year....

The MC explaining the various Flowers Festival - how many types of flowers festival.... the most prevalent one of course must be the Cherry Blossom and there is the Azaleas and Royal Azaleas (difference being the colour, the size and the shape), Maehwa (apricot flower); Sansuyu (yellow cornelian cherry flower);  Forsythia, Rapeseed (canola) flowers (especially in Jeju Island)  and also a Boseong Tea Plantation. 
 What an enchanting eye-opener. She also gave a brief introduction and tips  on the transportation, the hotels and the best way to stay connected during the trip.  After the lucky draws and quiz, we were treated to some light refreshments.


kimchi pancakes. 

Japchae - stir-fry sweet potato noddles aka Korean glass noddles

and of course Kimchi. 

Enjoying our light lunch.... I enjoyed this event as this will be a prelude of the Korean trip in March.  
 After the event, we made our way to Pavillion to get ourselves in the Chinese New Year mood....

The 30 foot tall Golden Goat in the concourse area

the entrance way  

Ring the bell for good fortune with Meneki-Neko Lucky Cat.

The day  ended with more Korean food at the Cafe Korea in Sri Petaling.   This cafe has been advertising their meat-free dishes at My

A rather limited food menu and they seem cater more for drinks and their bingsu (shaved ice) including a bingsu bibimbap 

Citron hot tea 

Tuna bibimbap - large portion of rice but overall tasty- served a small plate of pickled radish. Could prefer some kimchi instead!

their  signature dish - Jajangmyeon- noddles in black bean sauce.
Sarah also ordered their Jujube Milk tea...  

Korean Fried Chicken...

Spark my excitement for the coming trip to Seoul, can't wait for it......  A big thank you to my son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Eunice for arranging this wonderful birthday present for me.