Monday, December 1, 2014



Aunty always look forward to this annual charity carnival and I was glad  to accompany her to the House of Joy Charity Carnival which was held at the MPSJ in Bandar Kinrara.     

Sam "kor" Wanton Mee.
Sam is Aunty's son as well a faithful member of the church.  Every year he could close his own busines and move the stall here for the day.  In fact most of the food stalls... there is nasi lemak, burgers, Assam Laksa Mee, satay, ice kachang etc were all manned by the members of the church and workers as well.  

Wanton mee with Black Soya Sauce Chicken and Fried wanton.... yummylicious!

There were singing performances, dances by kids  to entertain the visitors while doing their shopping.
The food stalls were all located outside and you can dine in coolness of the vast hall and then enjoying some shopping around the hall as well. The kids from the orphanage were on hand to clear the plates and keep the tables clean... good job!  

some of the cute key-chains .... all handmade.
There are stalls selling stationaries as well as pre-loved clothings.  However we were unable to fully utilised the RM300 coupons which my brother had bought and whatever balance was given to Sam kor and his helpers.    

My brother and aunty having a chat with the Pastor. We came to know the Home through Sam Kor and my brother has helped to furnish the Home with his stainless steel kitchen equipment before.  And actually we are related by the maternal side....we are his uncle and aunty......... it's a small world after all, so let peace and joy reign this festive season!  


  1. Looks like you had a good day, Keep well Diane

  2. Good morning,
    Thanks for reading and an advance Blessed Christmas greetings to all