Tuesday, May 13, 2014



After Jeremy's wedding in December, we welcomed a new Korean member to the Chan Clan.

The wedding of my nephew Kit and his wife Hyejung

Getting the bridegroom ready early in the morning. 

A family photo before beginning his next stage in life!

My nephew met his wife in Melbourne too where he was studying for his MBA. Both of them are PR and staying in Melbourne.   They have registered their wedding last July and being the eldest son, of course his parents could like to see them get married in Malaysia too... lots of uncles and aunties here.

The best man - the groom's brother - who chauffeured them in his brand new car. 

The bouquet was made by the bride herself- very artistic!

Its not time yet- come take one more  photo!

and another photo 

The groom's entourage (aunties and cousins - not the "heng-tai" (his male friends) arriving at the DoubleTree Hilton where the bride and her parents and relatives were staying. 

The "cheh-moi" -all his cousins who had arrived earlier 

serenading to his belove in Korean!

deserve our applause....not bad...
The blushing bride with her parents, sister and brother. 

Taking these photographs is much easier with the professional photographer giving them  all the cues how to pose!

As they were busy taking more photos, we also took the opportunity to take some too.

Finally its time to make the way home - traditional send off  for the bride- a red umbrella to shield off the evils ones and also for bride to bring future generations to the family.  
Right on the dot.... arriving home.. 

First to pray for ancestral blessings and thanksgiving. 

This is exciting.... presents all the way from Korea- from her parents to his parents. 

More presents for the sister and brother from the new sister-inlaw!

A visit to the bridal room upstairs. 

Have a bite before the tea-ceremony. 

She could not help herself- so happy that she gulped down all at once! hahaha.

Gold accessories to welcome the bride into the family. 

The father giving his advice to Kit for a long-lasting marriage 

Father also had a word of advice for the daughter too!

Mother getting a bit emotional .... daughter is getting happily married!
Don't worry you have not lost a daughter but rather have gain an extra son!

The tea ceremony continued with the couple offering tea to all the uncles and aunties present.... from the eldest to.... 

younger uncle and aunty 

and the youngest uncle and aunty who came back from Melbourne for the wedding.

That's what sister is for..... 

are all sisters the same?... they seemed to think alike ....

and look.... I have 2 watches now!

Welcoming another brother to the family- tea offered by her brother.

Family photo.... 3/5/2014.

We adjourned here for lunch  before continuing later at the restaurant for the wedding dinner. ....part 2


  1. Good afternoon Elaine....

    Belated congratulations to the newly weds...

  2. what a wonderful wedding .

    Congratulations to the new couple :)

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