Sunday, May 7, 2017

weekday dinner #2

17/4/2017 to 21/4/2017

Miso Salmon, Kabocha Salad and Stir-fry greens.
Here are just a few dishes that I cooked for the week.  My little grand-daughter Alexa had flew back to Sydney with her parents after a short holiday with us.  As usual, when they left, it was not only fond memories that was left behind, but also some of the food items as well. 

There were 2 pieces of salmon and half a pumpkin leftover, besides 3 boxes of soft tofu.!
The salmon were marinated with some miso paste and sake for 30 minutes, then a quick grill to cook them. The Kabocha Salad recipe is from JustOneCookbook.  The pumpkin are peeled and sliced (instead of dice for faster cooking).  Then they are steamed till cooked before mixing together with the Japanese cucumber While steaming the pumpkin, sliced the cucumbers and season them with about a teaspoon of salt briefly before rinsing it off and squeezed dry.  The bacon are fried till crispy and cooled before tossing together with Japanese mayo.  Its so tasty, easy and  yummy as well.  Instead of rice, I served some boiled quinoa as well (super grains!).

Another dinner:  Fried tofu with sweet sour tomato sauce.  The tofu is sliced and pat dry before frying till golden brown.   Heat wok and saute sliced onions till soft and add dice tomatoes and mix in  a sweet sour sauce. Return the fried tofu to the wok and let it simmer till soft.   A dish of long bean stir fried with carrots and black fungus complete the meal with  no rice as the girls are on low carbo diets. 

All time favourite when I scratch my head on what to cook, Chives Omelette and Cauliflower Stir-fry with some beancurd stuffed with fish paste.  I always have a packet of ready made ones from the market and keep them for emergency case I have nothing else to cook or for addition to instant noddles. 

Wintermelon soup with "Monkey Brain" Mushroom and Shitake Mushroom. 

Claypot Chicken Rice to complement the soup.

I have always been "scolded"  by the girls for cooking "too much" and there will always be leftovers.  Guess I have been groomed by my mother to cook large meals to feed everyone and it is really difficult to cook for just 3 of us.  

Happy weekend.

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  1. Yummy! You have prepared such a delicious spread of dishes. I would be delighted and happy if my mummy is still alive and cooked so much dishes!