Thursday, May 11, 2017



Pear and Almond Tart.
I am happy with the result and it's delicious and fragrant and the coarsely ground almonds give it an extra nutty texture. I did not brush any glaze or apricot jam over the tart after baking hence it does not look glossy. 

No tart pastry required, so its back to the freezer for another day. 

I had brought some pears from the market last weekend.   They were a bit too raw and hard and after a week, still nobody wanted to finish them, so decided to use them to bake something.  Saw a few beautiful tarts using pears and finally decided on the recipe from Donna Hay, as the ingredients were available in my fridge and it seemed the easiest anyway.  I also realised that I had 3 packets of almond flakes too!  As I don't often use them in baking, decided to grind them instead as ground almonds is often required in baking.  But had to say that my food processor did not do a good job and the ground almonds were not that fine after all.  The recipe did not require any tart pastry even though I had one in the freezer.  It simple just mixing the dry ingredients with the wet ones, pour them into the greased tart tin.  The tricky part is to slice the pears finely and getting them lay out prettily on top of the cake mixture.    

While the pear tart was cooling, went for a  lunch date with Sarah.  

My Char Siu ramen with tonkotsu broth, hearty and flavourful, and nearly finished all the soup.  We were informed that the ramen is make from scratch on the premises itself.   

Interior of  Torazou Ramen in Kuchai Lama.  The brightly lit graphics along the wall reminded me of the cafe that we went in Japan.   The cafe is located towards the rear of the business hub of Entrepreneur's park.   The Sanuki Udon is located just next door...could they be related?  If you ask me, my choice could be ramen, soba and then udon in this order.  

The last birthday dinner for the month of April for my brother.  We met up again at Dynasty Restaurant as their promotion of 30% discount also ended on 30th April.    


  1. I want the pear and almond tart, hehe...

  2. Hi Sharon, come please come KL. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to your mother.

  3. You always have lovely family gatherings on big or small scales. I am so jealous la.

    My grandfather had 3 wives, maybe 21 children and 58 grandchildren. Everyone seems to live in their own worlds today. So sad.