Wednesday, September 20, 2017


16/9/2017 & 17/9/2017
Saturday & Sunday

Yam Mooncake with fresh homemade yam paste. 
The Mooncake making fever is going on facebook, so many beautiful creations have sparked my interest again. So here I am trying and testing them. 

Bought these 2 moulds to try the gongzi mooncakes...

These are not made with left-overs dough.  I think traditional these are made with leftover dough after baking the traditional mooncakes.

After first round of baking 

egg wash applied after resting for 5 minutes and went for second round of baking 

the first batch unfortunately was hard even after the 3 days of resting.  Did another batch, different recipe and keeping my fingers crossed 

Before baking ..

after baking.

a peek inside 

Baked some Shanghai mooncakes

Friday, September 8, 2017


12/8/2017 & 13/8/2017

Our programme for the retreat....

peeking out of the foliage ....

ready to check in...
We were not allowed to drive up and the hotel provide shuttle to and fro from the car-park which is good as there is less noise pollution and car traffic.

the vast dining hall downstairs. 

the poolside 

on a clear day, you can actually see Gentings across.. the view from the balcony of the dining hall..

the Bamboo chalets.... twin beds with ensuite toilet..

ready to yoga...

a photo with our instructors... 

Happy partnering yoga 

after the yoga sessions before dinner, time for a quick dip and 

of course, could not resist the water slide...hahaha

the delicious buffet dinner. 

all is silent and serene the next morning.... 

morning flow yoga at poolside.... 

Worked our physical body, time to work our mind.... team building training  

Bentong Ice-cream which we would not miss.... rather a bit disappointed with the taste though.

Thursday, August 17, 2017



Joining the crowds for the MRT ride.
The nearest station for us is Suntex Station.. a mere 10 minutes away from our home. Though there is a shuttle bus around the Taman (so far I have yet to see it going around my house) we drove to park our car at the station.    Parking is not free here and it costs RM4.30 per day to park here but the station is huge.  

definite a clear blue sunny day for going out and inside the trains its cooling.  

 We stopped at Bukit Bintang station, again a huge station underground.  Did some shopping and decided to go to The Market @ Lot 10 for our lunch.  This time, we were lucky to get seats at the Sbaya Shige soba bar.

Beef soba set with 2 pieces of Inari sushi, tempura and wakame  

Duck soba set - plenty of duck slices and meatballs as well.

my cold soba set ...YUMMYLICIOUS   

very satisfied customers.

Sunday, August 6, 2017



All dressed and ready to go.... 

Our wristband - in order to redeem our goodies bags and free juice and yogurt..

Our first yoga session for the day at stage 3 (concourse area) 

getting ready for more action.... 

combat class...


Zebra Butter Cake 

Chocolate Tart with Lemon Meringue fillings

Chocolate tarts with coffer creme brulee...