Sunday, March 1, 2015



Wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous "Goat" year from the Chan clan.

sheep design angpows packets.... 

another "happening"  year with my doggies.... sorry Toto (inside the house because of the doggie rivalry)  we have to take photo without you... 

These are the only CNY decorations which the girls bought.... "ong mali"

Meanwhile over in Sydney, Jeremy and Eunice's day out.... 

And in Melbourne, my sister Vicky and Bill open-house lunch....  

all decked up and ready ....
Among the dishes which she cooked .... 

Assam Fish fillet 

HAR HAR SIEW - Prawns with lemon and soy dipping sauce

Platter of mixed vegetables and 

also not forgetting her upside-down Pineapple cake.

My late mother's favourite flowers for CNY.

Our CNY's eve steamboat dinner- simple and save time and cooking!
I liked the idea very much but again still too much leftovers...

Both of them volunteered to get these foodstuffs for the steamboat too.... yes I know that now I can hand over the household to them .... :D

My sister-in-law's blooming Lotus Root .

getting and yee sang ready ..

Some of the dishes for the 2nd day of CNY... 

Prawns with salted Egg Yolk, Kerabu chicken feet, steamed  chicken, waxed meats.

we are ready for the Loh Hei! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Today is the Birthday for everyone. It is the 7th day of the Lunar New Year.
According to Chinese legends, the Goddess of the world created the animals on different days and human beings were created on the 7th day after the creation of the world.  The list is as follows:- 1st day Chicken, 2nd day-Dog,  3rd day- the Boar, 4th day- Sheep; 5th day-Cow; 6th day -Horse and 7th day- Human. Since these days are considered the "birthdays" of the different animals, Chinese avoid killing them on the respective "birthdays".  Hence the answer as to why we should go vegetarian on 1st day of Lunar New Year.     

The lucky food we prepared for our "birthday" dinner... 
longevity noodles, red-coloured eggs and rainbow yee sang!

How to dye the eggs red colour......
These are soft boiled eggs - only 7 minutes in simmering water.  Remove and dip in solution of red food colouring and water  plus a few drops of rice vinegar.  

setting up the Rainbow Yee Sang - 

Brilliant hue -In China, red colour symbolises good luck and represents happiness and prosperity

Lucky food - Rainbow yee sang 
The significance of tossing (upwards move) of  the yee sang is for our fortunes to rise and expand during the coming year.   The variety of vegetables associate with all things auspicious and fish is added for abundance as the word "fish" in Chinese is similar to the word "surplus".  

Longevity noddles 
Received a box of longevity noddles from my sister instead of the usual mee sua.   In Chinese birthdays, noddles are eaten for a long, happy and healthy life.  The strands of the noddles are normally left uncut.  However the noddles were broken by the time I blanched them.   I just mixed them together with the fried dried prawns (pre-soaked with chinese cooking wine), shallots and lots of spring onions, sesame oil and salt and pepper.   

May the year brings you a long, happy and healthy life.... 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Today I am official a senior citizen. It is my 60th birthday.  Yep, I am a goat alright.

Finally got my rabbit card...
and it took me 3 trips to the LRT station at Pasar Seni.  The first time was just after the New Year Day since I figure that I am 60 in 2015.  I was greeted by a surly customer service staff, who after looking at my IC, rather rudely told me  that I need to bring along photocopy of the IC and come back on the month of my birthday. Ok it was my fault, I don't have it  and maybe she had a bad morning but was she not taught to respect her senior?  The 2nd visit was after the City day holiday and I made sure I had everything require.  By the time my waiting number was called, I was told by the counter staff that I can only apply for the card on the  exact date of my birthday!!!.  Now, I have been paying half fare (senior's rate)  since the beginning of the year through the purchase of the special token at the counter each time and I just had to  show my IC.  I just cannot understand the logic that while you can pay cash for the special rate and yet cannot have the card (its a reload card by the way)!  Anyway, forgive my rambling .... must be "senior" in me.....
my very special birthday present from the girls
They compiled a scrapbook for me.... its my treasure now!
This photo taken during my late mother's 80th birthday.  There are many other photos taken together on certain occasions and travels.....which I am not sure where they got it from....... Looking at these photos, I realise how much fun and joy  we have growing  "old" together. Thank You girls. you both are my wonderful daughters, sisters and  friends!
Both of them woke up early and took me for breakfast at...

Tommy le baker.
Ever since I saw the episode on Axian Food series about this baker, I had wanted to visit his bakery and try his breads.   I admire his determination to bake "true bread" and how he demystify  the notion that "bread must be soft and fluffy"   and he bake such wonderful loaves of sourdough and chewy breads etc.      

the shop/cafe is located on the ground floor of the Viva Residences in Jalan Ipoh. Table seating is rather limited but being a Sunday, they have extended a few tables along the corridor.  

Many customers drop by to buy their sandwiches and breads. 

He employed differently-abled staff, whom I do not find them any different maybe except for  their friendly  service and helpful  attitude which often are far lacking in other "abled bodied service staff " elsewhere.

We have found our favourite croissants,financier and lemon tart.

We ordered a Rib-eye Beef sandwich, a smoked salmon and tuna and chicken sandwich and they are yummy ... full of fillings!

the truth is in the eating.... all gone... and we even taipo more croissants.

photo with our favourite baker .........

Since we were in the vicinty, we went over to the KLpac.

I love this place as I find  it quiet and peaceful..... except this time we were started screaming and running as a huge monitor lizard suddenly came scampering towards us ...... I don't know who is more frighten... the lizard or us... hahahaha. What a day to remember!

More presents from overseas:

A Wedgwood set  of lovely 

of "Sarah Garden" plates from my sister Vicky and hubby Bill...

A "goat" luck  toy from Sister May and angpow and 

this very anti-aging  gift..... eyebags be gone soon! 

Last but not least from my son and daughter-in-law, and also the trip to Korea which they had planned for me.

A BIG thank you for everyone for their blessing and greetings!