Sunday, September 21, 2014



I don't like travelling on long weekend holidays. Besides the horrendous traffic jam along the highways, there is always the BIG crowds in the tourist attraction, in the restaurants and cafes and not to mention  the long queue at  public toilets too! 
However, our last minute short break was surprising pleasant.  

practically no cars!.... guess you know where we were heading....

Our first stop- Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah.   

Esther getting us to selfie with her new toy!

It was a beautiful sunny day.... 

Our destination.......

town of white coffee origin..... good to the last drop....

Suddenly we were like looking out for these street art. 

a modern barber shop in the old part of Ipoh town area..

pretty and willing model for us!

Our lunch at Thean Chun Cafe but the place was super overcrowded and we get to sit next door and ordered this

steamed egg instead.... cold and refreshing

Pork satay  at RM0.80 per piece 
must have- Ipoh Chicken noodles

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Thank you for the delicious meal, Sarah!

Miso soup, Onigiri, sushi and salad 

It was my weekly clean-up last night and normally there will be no homecooked dinner on Thursday. 
However we were able to enjoy this delicious and heart-warming dinner ..... all done by Sarah... from the marketing for the fresh ingredients to the final service (yes including getting the soya sauce and wasabi for us)!

Have a wonderful weekend!



There were still some leftovers of Lemon Curd which I made for my macaroons.. was it already 2 weeks ago?  I know it could be wasted if I don't use it up and was thinking of ways to use it up.  Then I came across this Lemon Meringue Cupcakes Recipe in King Arthur's Flour blog and immediately baked this for the weekend.  I do not possess a torch, so all this while has been hestitated to bake the creme brulee.  Now that I can do these "burnt" meringue without the torch, maybe its time to try the creme brulee too.
Follow the recipe but of course I reduced the sugar and it tasted just right with the citrusy sourish tinge of lemon curd. 

Cool the cupcakes completely before filling. 

I used the apple corer to crave out the center .....

and pipe in the lemon curd filling.  The other 2 icing bags are for the meringue.. 

I decided not to cover the filling (except the one at the back) and brown them in oven ...

just till the top start to brown... gotta to watch them!
These really taste wonderful.... soft moist cake, refreshing lemon filing and finally the billowy meringue and perfect balance of sweet and sour... yummy. 

I loved the croissant and infact did tried to make them once!   However for all the folding and wrapping and in and out of the fridge, I was not satisfied with the result, even though the croissant was edible of course.
This time round I made a simple bread dough instead.   

can't resist myself and put a tiny piece of butter .... 

before rolling it up ....before baking... 

these are coconut filled buns.... make me think of old times......

my "croissant" bread... 

soft fluffy bread..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



By the time we arrived back in Bath, it was almost 4 pm.  

Walking out from the station, we over to the Bath Parade Gardens in the center of the city.  Further up you can see the Pulteney River.

The Parade Garden.... as elsewhere in every parks, there are people sunbathing and relaxing. 

We continued walking along the street and shopping malls and soon came across the Sally Lunn Restrurant.  We were still feeling full with the lunch besides we wanted to visit the Roman Baths before it close, so we decided to come back later (as we were informed that they would still be open) 

Sally Lunn Bath Bun
It is a famous teacake... part bun, part bread and part cake, make from a yeast dough. It was claimed that the original recipe was brought to Bath by a French refugee called Solange Luyon who became known as Sally Lunn. 

"The oldest house in Bath 1482.  Sally Lunn lived here 1680".

There is also the oldest Bath Sweet Shop.. again closed for the day

Luck was with us that the Roman Baths was still open.   So we bought our tickets and went in.  You can obtain a audioguide from the reception. 

the Houses of the Royal family 

The Romans probably arrived in Britain around AD 43 and began to build the temple complex around the small town at Aquae Sulis (now known as Bath) around AD 60.  

The Roman Baths is below the modern street level and has 4 main features:-
1. The Great Bath 

From the entrance, we came out onto the Terrace overlooking the Great Bath.

The Roman Bath houses below - West and East Baths.
Free Spa water is available from the West Bath

Explanation on how the hot spring works 
2. Sacred Spring. 
see the shimmering surface of this hot spring pool...

No entry for this enclosure.. can only take photo from the window

This is the overflow - can feel the heat from the gushing hot water
3. The Roman Temple 

The bronze head statue of Goddess  Sulis Minerva.

This bronze head is larger than life size and was found in 1727. Minerva is a Roman goddess of wisdom and military success.  It is believed that the head came off from the statue that stood in the temple and was probably broken off when the temple was ransacked by Christians.  

4. The finds of the Roman Baths.

the most famous .. Gorgon's head.
This stone was discovered during the digging of the foundation of the Grand Pump Room in 1790. In Greek mythology, Gorgon is a monstrous feminine creature whose appearance would turn anyone who laid eyes upon it into stone eg Medusa and her 2 sisters.  A stone head of a Gorgon was often place on temples and graves to avert the dark forces of evil.

the ruins

After visiting the Roman Baths, we walked back to the Sally Lunn Restaurant but were informed that they were serving dinner already and there were no buns for sale!.    

The Jane Austen Centre on the way to the Royal Crescent...

The Royal Crescent.... a sweeping crescent of 30 terraced houses in Georgian design.  The 114 columns with the curved facade was designed by John Wood in the 17th century 

There is an interesting contrast between the architecture of the public front and the private rears of these houses.  This is because the original purchaser would buy a length of the facade and then employed his own architect to build the house behind according to his own specifications!

However this is truly a beautiful place with its green lawn in the foreground.  

The stone facade front with the columns

 Bath Abbey.... the bells were ringing as we were walking past back to the train station.

close view of the Pulteney Bridge you recognise this scene in the show Les Miserables? 

This is so beautiful and the sound of the river so relaxing..

This is a day of British fast food.  We took the train back to Paddington Station and have our dinner at Burger King... pork burgers for us and vegetarian for May.