Thursday, July 6, 2017


At the Red Studio, Jaya One
The artist Mr. Victor Chin (right) and Mr. James Yuen (the collector).

beautiful watercolours....very interesting details and contrast of light and shadow

facade of a heritage building.. 

Besides painting these many heritage buildings, he is also involved in heritage preservation works and very active promoting in RakanKL and Rakan Mantin. 

The exhibition is still on till 29th June at the Red Studio in Jaya One.


Jason Yeoh daughter said he is my idol.   Yes, I like his programme as he projected to me a honest and sincere picture of the food stories and also himself too.

Kudos for the chefs/restaurant owners whom he had interviewed before, without them we won't be able to taste such delicious food and thank you for keeping the traditions and aspiration alive for the next generation. They were each presented with a copy of his book.

relating his ambition and intentions behind those interviews and getting a bit emotional as he tell us the stories these chefs/restaurant owners themselves tell him....their sweat and toil, their failures, their insistence on the quality of the food and their hopes... without them there is no book or even the TV programme..    

the special guests of honour... 

Jason gives credit to the co-author and friend.    

Of course, I cannot the temptation and this is my haul from the Bookfest .....

Both of them are really an inspiration to me.... one about the beauty of our history and another about the passion of food, which form part of our heritage.

Sunday, July 2, 2017



Lemon meringue tarts. 

I have been baking for cake orders through Sarah's friends mostly and here I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU for their support.  As I always want to give the best and to deliver fresh cakes, many times the leftover ingredients could be wasted and thrown away after a week in the fridge.  So this time, I found decided to use the leftover lemon curd to make these tarts.  

These were baked in the oven for around just 15 minutes (watching them nearby as they tend to brown rather fast). The short crust pastry were first baked blind for 15-20 minutes till golden brown and cooled. Lemon curd then goes in and top with meringue frosting. 

Braised tea leaves eggs, peanuts and yellow tofu ....

Green tea swiss roll with red beans and mascarpone cheese 

Had the Red beans paste and leftover mascarpone cheese and surprisingly it was a delicious match... 

Japanese Condensed Milk bread... BakeforHappy Kids Blog.
I tried the recipe last weekend and while during the final proofing, I fell asleep.....and result the bread has  overflowed  as stupid me, I had covered the lid of the loaf tin and boy, it was so difficult to remove the lid then! So this time, I shaped them into rolls and added some of the rum-soaked raisins and it was totally very good.

Banana Chocolate Rice cupcakes ..recipe from NasiLemakLover blog. 
Easy to make and taste yummy. 

trying to do white chocolate drip.... failed! A too thin ganache..
Strawberry shortcake - recipe from JustoOneCookbook. Instead of just using strawberries and whipped cream, I decided to give it a twist with the white chocolate drip.
So I added more white chocolate to the ganache to thicken and then coated the extra strawberries with it... tasty good as the strawberries though looking so red were actually rather tart.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017



hot, hot babes...

Replenshing our energy after the farm walk.....

Kudos to Mr. Tai, the chef behind all the delicious food for the buffet lunch.. 

First of all, the farm walk conducted by Mr. Gan himself after a brief introduction and mini "yoga" stretching session. 

Misai kucing plant 

A "plastic bag tree"  .... it's  the guava plant..
Harvesting time.... sweet potatoes...

Another "Plastic Bags Tree"...being the organic farm there will be many  "predators"  and these plastic bags helps to keep the longans safe till harvest time.  

what you take out, you put in back,  planting sweet potatoes 

Mr. Gan leading the farm walk.

you can also eat the skin of this organic banana and below are some of the yummy dishes for our buffet.

"Choy Sum with wolfberries...

this is my favourite.... some sort of millet with blackeye beans... very very delicious..

of course, the noddles with the sesame dressing...

Refreshing drinks 

sweet corn soup...

beetroot jelly 

grilled sweet potatoes. 

lastly, a sweet dose of herbal cough mixture.... 

A very enjoyable day trip.

Sunday, June 18, 2017



Sunrise Yoga @ 21/5/2017

Sunset Yoga  @ 20/5/2017 

We are ready to rock and roll.....

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Teacher, so many standing poses lah.... 

alright can sit down now, before 

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our favourite pose.... 

As the session finally ended as the sun set and it was time for some "playing" and  selfie ......

ops...didn;t realised I was standing with my slipper, no wonder so steady lah..hahaha

Our yoga instructor- soft-spoken and charming  Dolores from D'Yoga Hub...

Demonstration by teacher....

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Yoga under the stars was so relaxing and windy ..surprisingly I did not feel any mosquitoes, but can hear the crickets making a ruckus!   My conclusion after staying in the open nature: crickets make noises at night while in the morning it is the birds welcoming the day!    

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