Tuesday, March 20, 2018



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Earl Grey Chiffon Cake with Lemon curd. 

The humble beginning of a small bold step.
Our cakes (The Three Sisters Bake) debut at the Black Eye Bear Cafe on Monday and today they informed us the cakes have been sold.  A BIG THANK YOU Black Eye Bear Cafe for giving us the chance to collaborate with you.

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Old fashioned Butter Cake 

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success" Henry Ford.

Do check out the Black Eye Cafe for their aromatic freshly brewed coffee.

Thursday, March 15, 2018



It has been more than 2 weeks  already  and should I gave up hope?
My Bibi whom I have rescued when she was still a baby and being a mother to her since have gone wondering just after the CNY.....

Her beautiful thoughtful face
The smartest thing about her?  Without our training her, she does her business inside the toilet! She used to pulled the toilet paper to cover her poo and you can imagine how fast the roll finishes. So in the end, we have to remove the toilet paper roll from the holder!  

One of her favourite place ....
otherwise she will be resting right in front of the TV at night while we were watching TV and we do get annoyed with her blocking the show just when it is most exciting!  Once she was watching the badminton games and her head was moving from side to side...it was so lovable watching her. 

getting annoyed at the intrusion of Brownie into the house.     
By the way, Brownie (a stray male cat) has been  missing in action some months back too. 

got her hiding in the store room  without our notice once
Unless she was sleeping with me inside the room,  she would became an alarm clock in the morning outside the room, meowing till someone wake up. 

Toto has lost his best friend....both of them love playing and chasing each other upstairs and downstairs. Secretly, I think Toto thinks she is a dog and always try to hump her unsucessfully..LOL.

Pray that all's well with her and keep happy memories..... time to let go.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018



My dearest sister Yoke birthday.
Wishing her and her family best of health for the year.

Once again we were invited to join her family for dinner at The Habour Seafood Restaurant.  Since it was still CNY season, we have Lou Sang before the meal..

and poon chai in addition to their Chinese New Year Menu. 

Still lovey-dovey...wishing them many more happy years together

our CNY get-together aka mahjong session at my niece's house...

Dinner at Korean BBQ after gathering....  

Tea-time session during CNY @ Mechanics' cafe at C180 Cheras 

nice coffee and food 

Sunday, February 25, 2018


16/2/2018 & 17/2/2018
My little Princess wishing everyone a Happy New Year 

Everyday  a fresh blessing from the Lord.. 

This year, Esther and myself took the MRT down to Petaling Street for shopping and bought these beautiful peonies and some peach flower (artificial ones of course!) to lend more a festive mood.  But definitely the festive mood became more happier when gifts started appearing....hahaha.  Wait ...you must be thinking "what has Haagen Dazs to do with Chinese New Year?"...well it was an ice cream birthday cake for me from my big princess here....thanks girls, even though to confess I did not enjoy it much as I was not feeling well that day, so may I repeat my order for Mother's Day in advance?   

It's the DOG's year ... must have photo first with them.
In fact,  we had an eventful New Year's eve indeed.  Blackie (female and 3-legged as well) suddenly went berserk and attacked Juju (senior male dog) and got him on his throat!!!! And for a moment we thought that's the end of Juju...he was lying so still.  But thank God, he's alive, he was so badly bitten only that we had to board him at the vet for observation.  And both of them were good partners together harassing Toto whenever he ventures outside the house, ...can't imagine what was wrong with Blackie.   And the same scenario happened again on the 9th day! 

Naughty Blackie.

the big princesses....
1st Day - this year the celebrations were at my second brother's house.

The Chan Clan wishing everyone a Happy and healthy CNY

My dear sisters in Malaysia

2nd  generation Chan Clan...

Tucking in the delicious vegetarian dish and the spicy soup cooked by my sister...

some candid shoots 

2nd Day - 
With Phow-Phow...very manja...

My sleeping partner, Bibi... 

2nd day of new year ."back to mother's house for dinner".

Was informed by my sister Yoke much later that the total number of dishes was 10 ...perfect number in Chinese...

Happy New Year and Good Health to Aunty.

JuJu's bodyguard when he came back from the vet... 

Monday, February 12, 2018



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It's the time of the year again.....
Thank You everyone who had ordered.
Baking had ended and as I had promised I had baked the best pineapple tarts as I can, with tenderloving care. Hope all enjoy them.

My first and foremost wish for this Chinese New Year.... since its the Doggies turn, I pray that all the doggies in the world will get all the tenderloving care and better treatment from the humans and  that dog abuse will be less and yes, stop the dog meat eating festivals worldwide please.


Toto, Phow-Phow and Ju-Ju, after cutting their new year hair cut


Tuesday, January 2, 2018



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Fluffy and marshmallowy Pavlova with fresh berries and greek yogurt. 

Individual serving of mini Pavlova, Roasted Chicken, Sweet corn soup and Blue pea flower Gin Tonic for 2.

After having the tete-a tete for Christmas....its time to bring together the Clan to celebrate the year end and welcome the New Year 2018

The Appetiser: 
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a cheese board with my favourite creamy Camemert and creamy Brie with accompaniments of seedless sweet grapes, dried apricots, Meiji crackers and almonds.
Drink:  Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016

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My homemade mini Chicken Pie..

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Strawberries, cucumber and mint cooler

The Mains:
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"How dare you do that........stop showing off your breast"... Hahaha
Roasted Chicken with roasted corn, beetroot and carrot

and of course Roasted potatoes with Rosemary..

Scotch Eggs cooked by Santarina...

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Credits to: Serena for the Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, Sister Yoke for Fried Meehoon, my eldest sister for the  "all party must have dish" -Curry Chicken. There were also 2 fresh salads  and a mixed veggie stir-fry.

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I also baked a Leek and Bacon Quiche and a Caramelised Onions Quiche.

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We forgotten to take this out of the oven during the feast and it ended up being part of  the dessert course!  

The Dessert: 
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Old School Agar-Agar with Egg in Pandan juice made by my sister-in-law, Serena.

My Panettone and a moist soft Christmas Fruit Cake given by my sister Vicky from Australia..(sorry Vicky we forgot to take a photo). Not forgetting some Herbal Jelly (Kwai Lin Go) made by my sister-in-law Evon. 

The Clan:

The smartest dressed guy for the party....

the youngest party-goer who brought along  unexpected gifts.... more pizzas.. 

busy, busy busy...

The grand dames.... the oldest persons at the party....

Santarina without her costume this year ... presents for the New Year instead. 

Lights and Shadow-play 

His favourite game.... chasing my BiBi.....

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What a wonderful way to welcome the New Year....always with loved ones and family.