Thursday, May 21, 2015



After the fabulous lunch, it was still raining so it was suggested that we go indoors rather than getting more wet outside.... we can't risk getting sick.

Yeomiji Botanical Garden... 

Beautiful tulips at the entrance......there is an entrance fee.

the Center Hall/Conservatory.... with 5 adjoining greenhouses...

the Jungle Garden  

the Flowers Garden

hanging orchids 
the Water Garden. 

sleeping in the park or is it the homeless one?

the Desert Garden- over 500 species of cacti and succulent plants. 

Tropical Fruits Garden.. bananas anyone?

"Buddha's hand"

cactus for terrariums which is very popular now.

By the time we finished with the garden, it was still raining but we decided to carry on with our itinerary.

We were totally unprepared for this jaw-dropping view !

Jeremy's photo.
I just can't take my eyes off them... so amazing.. so imposing and majestic ... these rock pillars.
These are formed when the lave from the Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun.  These stone pillars are like cubes of hexagons, as if they are carved by some masters...

One word .....Truly God's mighty, awesome workmanship....

bright smiles lit up the dreary weather... 

Around the island, these volcanic stones stacked together as fence along the road... reminded me of Borobudur..  
Time to go shopping.... the Dongmun market 

I thought these were Big but as we wandered inside the market there were Bigger ones than these.

Now the rage... grandma's panties  hahahah.. so colourful but not cheap... 3 for 10,000 won ie around RM30.00!

variety of pickled vegetables...

The lady was sorting out the various vegetables.   
Come to think of it now, most of the vendors at the market are women!  

All sorts of fish... and these were what we had for lunch earlier ..... 

the popular black pig in Jeju Island. 

these are fermented miso paste....

Plumb and juicy soybeansprouts....very popular for soup 

all sorts of kimchi available.... 

fresh made taufoo.. 

This look like some sort of dried salted fish except that each fish is nicely wrapped in newspaper ...... the vendor will cut a portion of what you require.... 

old fashioned bakery inside the market
The market is divided into different sections and is clean. 

there is also a cafe here. 

these are rice cakes with red beans fillings.. long queue must be good.... 
verdict: it was good, we had them for dessert later

We were walking around while Mrs. Lee went shopping for our dinner...

buying  some hallabong for deserts ....these are larger and sweeter than tangerines.. a hybrid of the mandarin orange with its characterise "top hat" 

getting the main course..... freshly fried on the spot....

Just to show you how aromatic and tempting these Fried Chicken are....

We can't wait to taste them, so we quickly depart and make our way back to our hotel....

fresh tangerine juice from the market. 

our first taste of Soju

Soju is the most popular alcoholic drink in Korea.  There are certain etiquette to follow when drinking soju. When receiving a glass from an elder, you must hold the glass with both hands and bow head slightly.   Never pour your own drink and do not refill unless your glass is empty.

Fried Chicken and beer... perfect combo for a rainy night .....
"Chimaek is the wondrous combination of fried chicken and beer which is called “maekju". Just take the first syllable of each, and you have Chimaek! The crunchy, savory taste of fried chicken coupled with the crisp taste of beer is a match made in heaven. With the appearance in the hit drama "My Love from the Stars", now it's popular worldwide now." from Korean Wiki Travel guide

Gimbap and pickled radish   

What a fantastic day. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015



We woke up to this grey, wet rainy morning with strong gust of wind too 

Buffet breakfast was included but the foods look more like lunch... so much food and kimchi! 

Rainy days are made for visiting museum....

The Osulloc Tea Museum - everything you need to know about Korean tea culture... 

creative hand-drawn papercups.. 

We were glad to be out of the rain... 

as seen from the observatory on the 2nd floor... 

beyond the carpark are the tea plantations..

beautiful porcelain teacups sets on displayed at the museum 

the history of tea culture in Korea 

Sun, rain, water and rock -the vital ingredients for tea growing 

blended tea leaves... green tea with tangerine peel..

Spring is the season for tangerines in Jeju and we saw plenty of them along the roads and the tangerines here are plumb, sweet and juicy and are also a popular souvenir from Jeju.... 

my kind of tea..

Of course there is the shop for you to buy all things green tea, green tea latte, green tea powder etc.  

interesting map showing the products on the spot but as it was raining, we just wander around inside the complex... could be nice to go around the attractions on the huge grounds. . 

Innisfree Jeju House- its a cosmetics brand using natural and organic products 

create your own organic soap by paying a small fees 

the wonderful world of fragrances and aromas of the various plants 

and fruits... 

the rolling green tea plantations.

The rain stopped to a drizzle and we took a quick walk of the gardens... 

the statue of Seo Seong-hwan- founder of Amorepacific, a leading Korean cosmetics industry.

Finally we have to made a move even though it was still raining... the Yongmeori Coast and Mt Sanbangsan 

There is a entrance fees for the walk along the Yongmeori coastline. 

Yongmeori Coast
The rock formation are called Sa-am stacks built up million of years ago, layer by layer produced by volcanic explosion. 

They braved the rain and wet slippery walk to see the awesome rock formation while we chickened out. 
Jeremy told us that they came across some women sea-divers having their lunch along the cliff and of course selling their fresh harvest from the sea too. 

The sea looked cold and treacherous and I really marvelled at those skillful  women sea-divers 

Mt. Sanbangsan is a lave dome ... seen here partially covered in the mist... 

vast fields of canola flowers..

the Hamel Castaway Memorial
Hendrick Hamel was a Dutch East Indian Company book-keeper who shipwrecked to this place on his way to Japan.  He was kept prisoner under the Joseon Dynasty for 13 years 

Mysterious Mt. Sanbangsan  and the Buddhist temple at its foothill, famous for the golden Buddha statue and the golden prayer bells.    

out of the rain and relaxing with a good view 

rain-drenched pine trees. 

By the time they finished the walk, everyone were cold and hungry... so the most obvious choice of our next destination, a homely Korean restaurant.....

this is an old fashioned heater- using coals!

cold taufu with kimchi and behind is the preserved sesame leaves.. 

seaweed, kimchi and a fruit salad.

"Fook" - our blessings and I really felt so blessed to have this warm meal together with all my loved ones.

See, see... they are still alive....

fresh seafood hotpot-haemul-jeongol ... a pot of bubbling broth with prawns, crabs, sea squirts and vegetables but the creme de la creme is..... 

live abalone... fresh, tender and succulent not chewy at all.. 

my favourite- grilled mackerel ... so fresh and delicious. 

what a picture - the extent we go for a good photograph... hahaha.  We were too busy eating to help her anyway.

this is preserved sesame leaves... quite strong flavour but acceptable with wrapped with kimchi.

Next on....