Tuesday, May 14, 2019


He has overcome the big C (it's in remission) and now it's time for a BIG celebration- our Seng Kor.
Never fear Seng Kor is here... yes, he is a very helpful brother-in-law.  When the kids were small, he would drove all of us in his Datsun car to Port Dickson, Gentings Highland and Melaka. Many time he has also helped to pick up the kids from school and not forgetting fetching my late mother for doctor's appointments whenever she wanted to.  He is very good mahjong player too and  can even guess which tiles you wanted  if you so much as make a move! 

the Chan clan (except for some who are currently overseas)  came out to celebrate the happy occasion.

It's time his prized vintage collection also made an appearance to celebrate the joyous occasion....

His happy family... from left, the eldest son and wife together with his granddaughter flew back from Melbourne, the second son, his only precious jewel daughter and partner.

Me with Aunty.

My sister May also came back from Melbourne with baby Trevor

It shows how much he is enjoying all the ladies' attention...hahaha

We were the only patrons for the night at the De Maw Restaurant., Pudu Ulu. 

a restaurant which serves fabulous food but you have to prepare to wait loooong...

old school sharkfin soup... full of crabmeat and scallops!

Image may contain: food

Just some of the outstanding foods. 

Cake and longevity buns from The Three Sisters Bake.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Found it... 
After our dinner at the Big Feet Small Feet Restaurant (can you guess what they are selling?), we drove over to check out the newly opened Bookxess @ Kong Heng.   
As we entered the shopfront we felt it was rather cramped. At first I thought the books available were very limited.  Then the staff told me that there are more books down at the vaults!  Just follow the neon signs to go down to the basement.  This premises was previously occupied by a bank and hence the strong rooms were in the basement.   

Look at the sturdy doors... 
The vaults ... where you can find treasures of gold aka the books as the Chinese saying go "Inside the books are treasures of gold".     

Filing cabinets 

Safety deposit boxes... 

a tribute to Yasmin Ahmad..

her photography 

the safety deposit boxes... 

Of course, we could not leave empty handed.  So instead of buying Ipoh's popular biscuits and pastries back, we bought back books!

Birch Clock Tower Memorial 
was built in 1909 to commemorate, James WW Birch the first British Resident in Perak who was assassinated by local Malay chiefs.  This Memorial stand in front of a Malay mosque.

My office also has a vault hidden in the filing room as previously the premises was occupied by a bank too. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019



This is how BIG the place is..

We parked our car outside near the quarry and made our way through a walking trail... 

quarrying has left its mark behind.... 

the re-generation of the cliffs..

Cross over a puddle  ....

the entrance through the tunnel.

no lights along the tunnel as it is still largely undiscovered yet

out of the dark into the light ... 

there is no signage about this lake. 

Just this small platform to sit and enjoy the cool breeze...