Thursday, January 10, 2019



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Come one, come all, pineapples tarts for Chinese New Year

In the blinking of an eye, 2018 has slipped past and we are already in the 10th day of 2019.  
Here are some photos to re-cap the end year celebrations:-

Chan Clan dinner for the Tong Yuen Festival 22/12/2018 

My little princess  

celebrating her 3rd birthday, may God be with you always..

Happy that this year, we were able to attend to most of the Christmas services. 

No big Christmas party this year as some of the Chan Clan members were overseas while others were busy with their own celebrations. So, I had a Christmas date with Sarah at home, while she cooked the pasta I did the Fried Pandan Chicken. 

Her birthday after boxing day.... 

Impromtu dinner for her birthday.... Roasted duck (bought from Petaling Street),  blanched okra, pickled purple cabbage and pickled cucumber with longevity mee-sua and of course the obligatory red egg!

Some of the Chan Clan down under celebrating my youngest brother and little Audrey birthday together as both had the same birthday date with a BBQ. 

Little Audrey (my sister's granddaughter) 

little Alexa... following grandma's footstep?
The girls welcoming the new year with a Korean Dinner after a hard day's work of baking pineapple tarts. 

Our HK-style breakfast prepared by Sarah...  

Of course, Toto is one happy family member with more pampering from mama Esther..

The new school term began and here is my niece with her son on the 1st day at school.. 

Time for some spring cleaning and these are some of my collections

These are precious....not because of their monetary value

no physical cats around the house, but plenty here in the cabinet..

Hark the herald angels sing!

Finally, a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, the last baked cake for year 2018.. 
Thank you for all your support in 2018 and hopefully can bake more cakes for year 2019. 

Time to concentrate on my pineapple tarts before the Chinese New Year.  So an advance greeting:


Sunday, December 30, 2018



Petaling Street Heritage House.
My nephews had arranged for prayers for their dearest mother's 3-years death anniversary.  After the prayers at the Kwang Tung Pagoda, we made a memory trip down to Petaling Street.  My sisters from Australia still cannot forget our father's business place, even though the place has been renovated beyond its former image.
Downstairs is a retro-style cafe and upstairs the exhibition space

costumes for the Chinese opera...

Back stage....
From the Heritage House, we walked to the Chan Clan Temple..

The Chan clan. 

the various forms of the Chinese character "Chan" 

As we walked back to the MRT station, we past this little cute cafe, actually half a shop lot.

Their speciality... tau foo Fa (soyabean curd), just the right dessert in the hot afternoon  

There are numerous collections of cameras here... 

Kodak films before the digital cameras.

This marked the end of a short holiday for my siblings from down under.  

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2019.

Thursday, December 20, 2018



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Christmas Fruit Loaf  baked by The Three Sisters Bake

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A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL  for your support and hope you will enjoy them with your families and friends.

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All the orders have been delivered and it's time to sit  back and enjoy the festive season. 

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a peek inside the cake- moist and lemony! 

These are the dried fruits that were used in the cake.  We soaked them in a mixture of Bundaberg Rum and Grand Marnier (orange liquer).
Here they are.... glistening and plump after more then 2 weeks of soaking.

Besides being busy with the Christmas orders, we also baked these....  

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Banana Walnut Cake with Salted Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream 

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Pandan and Blue Pea Sponge cake with Gula Melaka Buttercream and fresh berries. 

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for another 70th birthday boy...

Japanese Cheesecake with Mulberries 
Sarah's friend really has "green fingers" and she would always gave us her bountiful organic mulberries harvest.  We normally take them with yogurt and honey.   But this time, we use them in this Japanese Cheesecake and they really add a refreshing texture to this light cheesecake.   

Now even Phow-Phow is eyeing the cake.... 

The year has passed by so fast.   We wish to thank everyone who had purchased our cakes and we hope you have enjoyed them with your families and friends.  We just want you to know that for this Christmas season, we felt so grateful for what we have received that we have decided to make a small donation to an NGO dog rescuer- A Dog's Life. That's the spirit of Christmas...sharing and giving!  We hope to have your continue support for the coming year.  

Wishing Everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God be with you all always.