Monday, May 15, 2017



This is my "pillow" owl, which I got from    Dr. Chan and her mother sew various bags, blankets etc for their fund-raising projects where they sponsor for some costs of neutering or spaying stray cats and dogs...check out her website and do support them.

A photography exhibition themed "Owls Know Everything" at March Azalea Kitchen in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to go for the launch which was held on 22/4/2017 but cannot make it, so on the last day of exhibition, got Sarah and my sister-in-law to go with me.  There was an article in The Star 3/5/2017 with the award-winning  photographer, Shamma Esoof. 

The back portion of the cafe, under the skylight there is a long table  surrounded with these pots of green plants.  The photos of some of owls are strategic placed along the wall so that you can admire them as you eat. 
You cannot help but marvel at the beautiful photos and of course the owls themselves, like this one. Is it sleeping or in deep thoughts?

More owls adorning the opposite wall.
As you look at them and they look at you with their owlish eyes, you can sense their  wisdom and mystery.  We were told that she had personally captured these images at different forest/jungles. 

The award-winning photograph of the "Wet Owl" (centre) featuring a Buffy Fish Owl.


Sarah and my sister-in-law.

We had our lunch at the cafe.  It is located in a quiet road in the older section of Taman OUG.   The pretty owner herself is the barista and they served drip coffee instead.  But I ordered this delicious pot of Flower Tea and its very refreshing indeed.
The choices are simple ..spaghetti of course in various styles, 4 egg-bowls (including one with sambal petai!) and chicken/pork chops.  My choice: spaghetti with mushrooms and pesto, though the portion is just right for 1 person, it was delicious.  I like the place as it is clean, bright and not noisy and we lingered for a while before leaving.    

Image result for owl picasso
Picasso's owl.

I just realise that the famous artist used many owl motif in his paintings and sculptures too.  He was given an injured owl by a friend and he adopted it as his pet that stayed in his studio.  


  1. Hi Elaine
    Thank you for your kind words and for attending my exhibition!
    - Sham

    1. Hi, this is so unexpected! Thanks for reading... actually meant to go for launch but something cropped up and I kept pestering my daughter to fetch me there. Enjoy them very much. Looking forward to your next exhibition.

  2. Wow! This place is so unique and cozy with owls everywhere. Hoot! Hoot! How come you didn't type out the address below so that I can drop by too.

    1. Hi, I am not sure whether the owls photos are still there as the exhibition is over. Its a lovely cafe.. MARCH AZALEA KITCHEN, No. 40 Jalan Awam Hijau, Taman Overseas Union, Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy