Tuesday, May 2, 2017



Dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. 

The month of April has the most birthdays in our family and this is the time we are on a eating binge.  One birthday dinner after another and its a headache to think of presents to give as well especially when they were younger.  Nowadays, its better to give them angpow  so that they can get what they like. 

Birthday dinner to celebrate Sarah's birthday at the Dynasty Restaurant in C180 Cheras.

"Ching Long" vegetables with fresh lilybuds and mushrooms. 
We were comparing prices of this veggie... in my area market, its RM6.00 per bundle while my sister told me that she can get it for RM2.80 per bundle in CK hypermarket....what a difference! 

Smoked Chicken... the cold lettuce in light dressing nicely complements the slightly salty smoked chicken. 

Wanton noddles braised with sliced mushrooms, chives and taugeh....too watery..

Braised pig trotters and tendons.... yummy though fattening..

We all loved this Fry Glutinous Rice with waxed meats.

The restaurant was having a 30% discount for members and we took the opportunity to dine there again for my brother-in-law's birthday 

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We have Peking Duck .. first served with the thin crepes, then Salt and Pepper stir fry duck meat. Prawns in Soya sauce, a cold serve Chicken slices with jellyfish, braised Vegetarian dish and Fry Noddles.

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We celebrated his birthday while we were in Tokyo last year.

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  1. I love the pretty cupcake with white roses! So elegant and cute. You are always surrounded by so many happy celebrations.