Thursday, May 25, 2017



Totally satisfied with my handiwork, taste and look!

When it is time for the bak chong (Rice dumplings) festival, you will realise that almost half year has past.   On the facebook, many are already making these dumplings and suddenly my hands also itched to make these dumplings.  Of course, my favourite is always the white Cantonese style dumplings.  Recently saw a recipe from the guaishushu blog using roasted pork instead.  This really bring back memories of my grandma making the rice dumplings in a "pillow" shape.  Its regretful, that none of us had learnt this style of shaping the rice dumplings.  When the season come for making rice dumplings, my late father who was a roasted pork seller in Petaling Street, could bring back home the choicest roasted pork for her.  He was really a filial son. 

So these are the ingredients that I used for my rice dumplings. 

Roasted pork slightly mixed with some five-spice powder;  salted egg yolk rinsed off all the whites and lightly toss with a bit of sesame oil; shitake mushroom which were sauted with some minced garlic and lightly braised with some oyster sauce till soft; dried oysters, soaked and also lightly sauted; dried shrimps soaked and drained and pan-fry till fragrant.  I have omitted dried chestnuts as we are not particularly fond of it.  I met a lady at the sundry shop and she gave me a tip to prepare these ingredients.. fry the minced shallots and garlic in oil till fragrant.  Dish up and set aside and use the oil to pan fry the ingredients instead.  

Glutinous rice (I used 1 kg) which have been soaked for more than 4 hours (if possible overnight) and season with salt, oil and chicken stock powder and split mung bean also soak for at least 2 hours till soft. 

this year I used these cotton twain and I find them easy to wrap as they are not easily broken and neater too. One tip which I learnt from his recipe is not to wrap the dumplings too tight with the twain and I am glad that none of the dumplings has a shapely waistline or became loose during the cooking....happy.

Our family style Cantonese dumplings.... eaten with some sugar best!

Traditional Cantonese style dumpling.
Happy weekend and Happy Dumplings Festival (30/5/2017)!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, we always celebrate any festivals on a weekend if it falls on a weekday as most of us working. Enjoy yourself

  2. Wow! You are truly a Jack of all trades and Master of all cooking too! I like your finished Bak Chang. Looks delicious and I want to sink my teeth.

    1. "Wan Sek" (cari makan)! Hahaha.

  3. Oh...this is Cantonese Zhang ah. Looks very yummy. Mine is pakai hentam zhang 😁

  4. The difference between Cantonese and other dumpling is that we don't use any sauce to fry the rice before wrapping.. prefer this way

  5. My wife just made so many Nyonya Bak Chang. It is a bit different with spicy sambal & bluish rice.

    1. Yes Nyonya dumplings are different .... would love to taste your wife handiwork!