Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Time flies........
I remember carrying one month old Sarah into our new house.
I remember taking her and Esther for their ballet lessons as toddlers.
I remember her 12th years old  birthday party with her classmates
I remember the wonderful times we shared baking and cooking (or is it I cook, she eat?)
I remember again her 21st birthday party.
Sarah has left for her studies to UK  yesterday and now waiting in Dubai for another 7 hours flight to London and then 3 hours coach to Cardiff where she will spend a year there.

There are countless milestones and achievements along her life's path that I could remember.
Throughout it all,  she has been a very good and  thoughtful and thoroughly  cheerful daughter.
And I am going to miss having her around me.Period.

I will be handicapped without her driving me around to eat and to shop and to see shows.
I will be lazy to cook as she is not around to share the fruits of my labour
I will be miss my sparing partner to argue on the politics, books and lifestyle.

As my sister Vicky share:  "A bird when it takes flight and then tired come to rest on a tree and the branch fall away but the bird fears not as she knows she has wings."

Have a good time - both study and playing hard, Sarah.

A BIG thank you to all my family and friends for their good advices, wishes and gifts to Sarah.

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