Sunday, September 8, 2013



Here are some photos during my  office Hari Raya Open House party.
We give thanks to God for the food and also that we are all still healthy working together happily.

The gaily decorated reception counter.

She was wearing a beautiful baju karung handcrafted by her family. Most of ladies were dressed in their best outfits.

Now why is he is shorts and slippers?  
He was drenched by the heavy rain as he was bring his potluck item- very yummy Bubur Kacang Hijau. It was cooked by his wife and it was so simple yet delicious - green beans cooked with gula melaka and sago.

There were some homecooked food from the staff - eg Chicken Rendang and Beef Renday (in tupperwares) as well as food from  the caterers- Ayam Merah, Pineapple curry, vegetables curry and Nasi Minyak. 

My Red Velvet cake received quite a few compliments too!

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