Sunday, September 4, 2011


My niece and hubby moved into their new house recently. This happy couple got married last September and now they are moving into their very own's love nest.

May God Bless them in all their future undertakings.

This lively plant greets you on entering. Behind is the dining room.

The spacious living room -warm and calming tones faces the dining room.

The dining room and table already laiden with containers of food, waiting for the feasting to begin. As a big family, we always loves the opportunity to come together to catch up the latest happening in the family and of course feasting.

The stairs leading upstairs to the bedrooms. Note the pretty stencil.

For our potluck lunch cum dinner, I baked these Potato Pie.

The creamy Chicken and Mushroom filing in the pie shell and topped with smooth mashed potato.

I baked this cake for them- a "tall" cake signifying "each step upwards" something like bright future in their careers.

I piped these vertical lines on the side and roses on the top- meant to give them a bouquet of roses for the joyous occasion.

Lightly dusted some pink powder to add some colour. Red colour is a must in all sorts of festivites for the Chinese-but in this case, its just pink but the meaning is the same- good luck.

The cake is a White Cake and Chocolate cake with coconut frosting filling - recipe taken from Iam Baker. I like her tutorial on icing and find them innovative and challenging.

I also baked a Coffee Bundt Cake just in case we are hungry by the afternoon. But I don't have to worry there were plenty of food. Her grandmother cooked some wonderful chicken curry, Nasi Kunyit and Fried Chicken too.

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