Monday, September 19, 2011


I love Minced Beef Pie. My first love for this pie started while I was in secondary school. My school is nearby the then Cold Storage Weld Supermarket. I remember that after school I would walked over (before the school rules changed and we were forbidden to go there in our uniform) and I would buy a minced beef pie from the supermarket and would then proceed next to the bookstall and sat down on the floor and browse through the magazines while eating this pie!

This pie heavy with minced beef in a gravy and wrapped in a flaky pastry. It does not have the "beefy" smell but at the same time, you can taste the beef.

When I started working, I was still able to buy these lovely pies at a coffeeshop nearby my office. Every morning, these were sold fresh and hot from the coffeeshop. However, they soon disappeared and I really missed them.

Since then whenever I happened to come across any deli selling beef pie, I would without hesitation buy one at least. But sad to say many times, I am disappointed with them. They are either tasteless and bland or they are just meat pie in a floury sauce.

So, when I had some baked pie shells leftover I decided to bake these Minced Beef Pie myself. The recipe was taken from Petitchef and I am very happy that I have found my lost Minced Beef Pie. I used the mashed potato on top instead.

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