Sunday, September 4, 2011

My second project- Shanghai Mooncakes.

I was just playing around with the mooncakes and had no intentions to sell them.

However I am glad that those who tasted them, liked them and wanted to purchase them.

Suddenly, I joined the wagon of mooncakes makers for the season.

I liked Shanghai mooncakes and so this is the only type that I made. I will leave the traditional mooncakes to the experts.

I never thought that to get into business is so time consuming and being responsible for the end results- no more "play-play". I also found that there are different tastes and demands out there.

So, I will listen to the advice of my sister and just do what I was taught and give my very best.

The first tested Shanghai mooncakes. The critics said the dought is a bit dry. Ok, will test the dough more.

The second testing, some liked them very much and the orders started to come in.

So during the long holiday, started my first batch of orders.

The dough and the paste being be properly weighed and ready.

I am using pure White Lotus paste. I found that it is less sweet and compliments the salted egg yolk well. One of my friends liken it to "like ice-cream".

Wrap paste with dough. As the dough is rather soft, it really is time consuming to get them into a perfect round. Patiently brush each mooncake with egg wash and top with pumpkin seeds.

Thank God after baking these can hold their shape.

Sarah helping me with the packing.

There are so may varieties of the boxes for sale. But of course these are cheap ones not those expensive types created by the different bakeries and hotels. But who wants to pay for the expensive boxes?

These are Green Tea and Red Bean Paste mooncakes which I made from the leftover dough. Very yummy too.

I wish to say a big Thank you for all your support and wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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  1. Well done mom! Looks great! Wish I could have a taste. :)