Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am glad for the long Hari Raya Holidays. My schedules seems packed but I am glad there is something to do instead of being a potato couch!

My first project was the baking of 200 Red Velvet cupcakes and packing them as pre-wedding gifts. The bride-to-be had chosen these cupcakes in lieu of the traditional "Kar Nui Peang" for her pre-wedding gift exchange. I am very happy to be able to do it for her and as I prepared them, I pray that God will bless their wedding and their life together!

Day one saw me busy baking non-stop the cupcakes. I had a new helper- an ice cream scoop. It makes work so, so much easy, just scoop them into the cases seems to be a piece of cake! No messy drips (thus saving much of the cake batter) thus more economical and I also get more or less even size cupcakes.

Bad picture taken by my sister - that's all the help she gave me haha.

Here the red beauties- ready for more beautifying and making up. The individual boxes are also ready.

After being "dressed up" the next day. I have decided to keep the decoration simple- "just 2 hearts entwined as one" as the Chinese saying goes. I lightly dusted them with rose pink chocolate dusting.

Each box holds 4 cupcakes. After the packaging, these goes into the fridge ready for delivery on 30/8/2011.

The finished products. I actually got a scare of my life while I was packing them for delivery in the morning. Suddenly, I found that I am short of at least 12 cupcakes. Oh my God! Luckily, there were some extra and on counting, only 10 extra. Help.... calmed myself and did another count and I found that I have miscalculated- actually short of 1 box only. What a relief!.

This taught me a lesson. No, 2 lessons:-

1. Always bake extra to stand by

2. Always have a final count before finishing.

I am delighted and satisfied with the results. My customer was happy with the results too which is the most important thing.

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