Sunday, September 18, 2011


Thank You Malaysia for a good long weekend. Malaysia got the most public holidays and I am not complaining.
I like long weekends- plenty of time to relax and do things which I like. One of them baking/cooking.
Halloween Day must be coming and the markets are stacked with pumpkins everywhere.
I don't know whether it is cheap or not but RM9.00 for a whole pumpkin sounds reasonable to me.
What do you do with a whole pumpkin? One of my favourite soup is- you guess it- Pumpkin Soup. I love the thick pureed pumpkin in the smooth velvety soup -its so filling and comfort food at its best- especially in this rainy season now- yummy.
I reserved some pumpkin for baking too. This recipe is adapted from the blog of Table for Two.
I baked 3 cakes - 2 small round ones which I gave to my customer as a token for their support for my mooncakes and a square one.
I had reduced the sugar -recipe calls for 200 gm but I used only 175 gm as the pumpkin definitely added some sweetness too.
The cake texture is wonderfully soft and moist. For the square cake, I added some cinnamon powder too and the house smells wonderful while baking.

Being not satisfied with a plain cake, I added some cream cheese frosting too! And what more can I say - heavenly! It seems a good pairing too.

I also took the time to cook dinner for my sister- she is the one who initiated this mooncake business, her collegues being the best supporters. Nothing fancy, just homely Roasted Chicken with Oranges and Lemon and the sauce is Orange Marmalade Sauce served with some Angel Hair Spaghetti and brocolli. Of course starter is the Pumpkin Soup!

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