Monday, September 26, 2011

A dog's life

These are my "other children"

The "Queen" of the house- Phow-Phow - she has put on a lot of weight. It's heavy carrying her - why carry her? She is so quick to get inside the house the moment the door opens and she refuse to budge and put her hand to push you away when you try to move her.

"I have lost the battle and I can't even lick my wound"

After fighting with Chu-Chu- another stray dog which I rescued.

"I cannot face anyone now with my cone of shame"

Shortly after that we finally neutered Toto.

Toto likes to turn on his back whenever he is playing with Phow-Phow.

"kissing each other"

"What? why did you call me when I am busy?"

"let's continue our smooching"

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