Thursday, March 23, 2017



Prawn in dark soya sauce:- prawns (which was given by Sarah's friend for the CNY, but still very succulent and fresh) were first pan fried.  Dish up and set aside. Next fry the sliced onions till soft, return the prawns to wok.  Add seasoning to taste: salt pepper, sugar  and dark and light soya sauce.  
Long beans omelette,  Cucumber (leftover 1 cucumber in the fridge) fried with glass noddles and dried prawn and Ginger Fried Rice.  One bowl of rice for 3 of us is more than enough as most of time, we seldom take rice at night nowadays. 

Just to record down few of the dishes that I cooked at home during the weekdays.   Normally I would try to cook from Monday to Wednesday only.  It is quite a rush getting home from work and trying to  finish the cooking and cleaning up before I go for my yoga class which starts at 7pm.  So to make things easier, I would planned what to cook after marketing and then to prep most of the ingredients on weekends.  

I love Fried Eggs especially crispy at the edges and runny yolk!  

Spaghetti  aglio e olio with tuna - with drenched in of Extra virgin olive oil and but sadly not enough minced garlic.

It's homecooked - cream of mushroom soup. 
When I find that I had accumulated a big bag of chicken bones (because I always buy de-boned chicken thighs) I would make a pot of chicken stock ready.  And since I also brought a packet of mixed mushroom I decided to make the mushroom soup.  I used butter and olive oil to lightly fry the chopped mushrooms till fragrant before adding the chicken stock.  Boil them for around 15-20 minutes to get the mushroom flavour. Cool the soup for a while before blending them. Return to the pan and bring to a boil again before adding whipping cream. Season to taste and make sure to keep stirring so that the soup does not burn.    

Served with a carrot, apple and lettuce salad. 

Easy one pot meal- my mother's recipe... Savoury Rice using  multi grains rice with chinese sausage, long beans, shitake mushroom and char siew (roasted pork). Now remember if you have pre-soaked the multi grains rice, do not add too much water when boiling the rice. Season with soya sauce, salt and pepper before serving.    

I added a plate of Stir-fry lettuce and a plate of Stir-fry brinjal (yes only 1 brinjal in the fridge) with black beans sauce, but in the end the girls were unable to finish them.....because they loved the Beetroot, Sweet Corn and Black Beans soup more (forgot to take a photo of soup). I added a piece of dried tangerine peel and I used only one   "muscle" bone instead of chicken breast and it was so flavourful.    



  1. Hey, I also love fried eggs with crispy sides. In fact anything crispy and burnt on the pork belly or char siew are welcome!!

    I really miss my late mum and wife's home cooked meals. My wife has been flying twice a week for her work!! So I am home alone. Sobs!

  2. Thanks for the ideas Elaine. Sometimes i cook till no idea what else to cook LOL

  3. These are simple but comforting food which we would never get "fed-up" with.