Sunday, March 19, 2017



May God bless her and her family with good health and happiness always.

February's babies .....

There are rows of water tanks filled with the freshest supply of varieties of seafood in their reception area.  You pick what you want for your meal and the seafood are cooked or rather steam over a big pot filled with porridge below.   This seems to be the trend - eating freshly steamed seafood as well having a pot of smooth porridge which contains all the nutrients from the seafood at the end of the meal. 

First delicate morsels of scallops steamed with minced garlic and glass noddles.. 

more shells... clams just "sauna" cooked in their own armour...... 

While we were waiting for these babies to be steamed, the crabs - cooked in 2 styles ie steamed with egg white while the other is cooked with a sweet chilli sauce served with fried mantou.   Before this, we had steamed succulent and sweet garoupa slices over the pot and then they served us very crispy fried fish bones and as you can see we wallop the lot as well.   

chewy fresh squids, most of them are preferably steamed in their own juices, so that you can taste the freshness of the seafood.

Ha, ha, can we stop laughing when these scrumptious and delicious prawns are ready..  

Besides, the seafood, my nephew also ordered some shabu-shabu pork slices as well as a deboned kampong chicken which was delicious when dipped with various choices of chillies paste, ginger/spring onion sauce, xo sauce and sambal sauce.... 

finally we see green... 

last but not least the pot of goodness nutrients-rich porridge...

Lovely-dovy couple always and many more years to come.. 

If you are familiar with Cheras area, this restaurant is where the former Jumbo restaurant located, along the Cheras Business Centre.  Service was very attentive and place looked clean and bright.


  1. I love the way you 'sauna' all the seafood and even Okra like this. Something new and calling me!!

    1. Bet you will love this.... less oil and fresh food...