Sunday, March 12, 2017



The Table - 4th floor dining restaurants.
Have read about the newly renovated Lot 10 @ Isetan and Sarah suggested to take me for a day out and to treat me a birthday lunch. 

However, I was up early and decided to cook the one and only Nian Guo (rice cake) which I usually buy for Chinese New Year. Instead of using just the batter to fry them, I decided to try out this new method.  First dipped sliced nian guo with egg batter (eggs +  plain flour) and sandwich with slices of steamed yam and sweet potato. Next coat with breadcrumbs before frying.   

Hot and crispy .....

This is what I love, melting nian guo with soft yam and sweet potato and crispy outside.. very good. 

I really hate going through this street to get to her, it is dirty and smelly yet her Kaya will be sold out most of time.  Imagine my frustration each empty-handed round.  So finally yesterday, I made my own Kaya and frankly I am very happy that I shall not have to walk through that street again empty-handed. Recipe taken from The Nasi Lemak Lover.  This is an easy recipe and I prefer this original caramel  flavour, no need to make pandan paste. 

We decided on Dashi-Osaya, because we had this in Tokyo before and we both loved it. 
Here it is rice served with dashi soup but we also have the ochazuke in Tokyo where green tea is served with the rice as well. 

Mackerel set.. 

Salmon flakes set.. 
Each set has its own pot of dashi which is refillable (and we enjoying drinking it up!) 

Chawanmushi - perfect soft steamed egg with its seafood
We were satisfied with the service and the food.   

suddenly there seemed to be a flurry of movements and noise and this group of Samo wrestlers came along... 

they were invited by Isetan for their promotional  mochi- making events. 

one more peek at their traditional "buns" (I mean the hairstyle)

After the delicious lunch, we walked around the market-place,  the pastry and bakery shop and the other eateries.

Japanese "owl beer"... Hitachino Nest Beer, fermented ales by the traditional sake brewers.  How unique it that,  I mean the "owl beer" 

plenty of sake for sale..

the Japanese soba chef- very detailed and concentrated workship display by him while we were gaping at him.. we wanted to try this but the seats were all taken up.  
We went up to the 3rd Floor ie The Cube.

Paper artwork or is it origami 

Pretty paper flowers decoration 

Notice the book  of  the Great Wave of Kanagawa by woodblock print artist Hokusai.  It is the first in his series of  36 views of Mount Fuji.  You can see the Mt Fuji in the background.  There are many beautiful books here but too expensive for me to buy.
After shopping for  some sportswear from Uniqlo at Fahrenheit, we decided to go home.  But before that, we went for our coffee time.   

Up the stairs and step into a airy spacious space.. @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Blueberry cheese tart... pile high with fresh blueberries

this blueberry cheese tart is one of their bestseller.  They also have a signature cake... Jasmine Tea Chiffon Cake served with a coffee caramel sauce. 

the barista's counter 

My choice Earl grey tea with rosemary and citrus peel... refreshing 

Latte for Sarah. 

Happy weekend.  


  1. I still have not visited this special Isetan New concept store which is a privileged few outside Japan. I also get excited to see Sumo wrestlers and they are very popular like celebrities in Japan. I even saw them bathing inside the onsen. It was a sight!!!!! LOLOL
    You guys are really adventurous to shop at KL and proceeded for coffee at Bandar Mahkota Cheras so faraway.

    1. the manager was telling us that the girls like them as bf..

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  2. Replies
    1. Yes, in fact all of us also love coffee. You like the coffee?

    2. Yes, i open the coffee already, loves it, hehe...

  3. I love nian guo with yam and sweet potato. Looks like you have a wonderful day out for your birthday.

    1. Thanks, it was a lovely day indeed.