Sunday, March 5, 2017



Happy and surprise to receive our flowers early..
It was a happy Valentine's day for us as we gather for a steamboat dinner hosted by my sister May before she left for Australia, part farewell, part Valentine's celebration and besides it was the last day of the Chinese New Year.

She booked 4 tables for the family members at Coco Steamboat in Sungai Long. This is a huge restaurant and we chose to sit inside the air-con space. Clear soup base was a wise choice for us as we found their pork bones soup base (only one pot was ordered) thick with a milky taste.

She also ordered 3 sets of ingredients for each table - each set as shown above. We thought at first that was too much but by the end of dinner, it was sufficient for all of us..hahaha.  

All happy faces and busy "lo-lo" and the ladies seemed to be "cooking" at each table.

A BIG Thank you to Esther for giving us the lovely handmade bouquets..


  1. Replies
    1. She was at another table...shy to take photo!

  2. What a happy family gatherings! I wish that I have more siblings in my family.

    I wonder if the restaurant is the same popular Coco Steamboat chain in Old Klang Road and Taman Taynton View?
    Then there used to be a Thai styled chain Coca Steamboat which is pricey but serves delicious Thai chilly sauce and soups.

    1. Yes, the same chain.. pretty reasonable for the amount of food served.