Friday, May 30, 2014



It must be due to the gentle lolling and swaying of the ship that we managed to get a night sleep. We did not hear the waves nor the rain (we were told it rained last night) as our cabins were below the portholes! Went for a stroll along the Deck 9 to catch the sunrise....

Misty sunrise... all's quiet and peaceful  at the  Deck 9 ...

Behind my sister is the Fitness Centre  with its sauna

Finally the sun is up.... signals another sunny day....
A morning stroll along the Deck 6 where the lifeboats are kept and this is the jogging track and basketball court. We had our buffet breakfast at the Chinese Restaurant again....normal breakfast items, nothing special. 
After breakfast it was time to settle any bills outstanding and to get back our IC before checking out.  The ship docked around 10.30am and we were disembarked shortly thereafter. There were some mis-communication with some of the passengers and the tour guide as to where to wait after disembarkation, as a result we had to wait for almost an hour before finally leaving the pier thus missing out the places which we were supposed to visit... ie the Chew Jetty and temple. 

The guide then brought us to the CF Food Court for a quick lunch...    

How can I come to Penang and not eat the obligatory Assam Laksa.... this one was delicious and not so messy and dirty looking because...

the stall vendor has got this certificate ... he also sell popiah (spring rolls) and it was equally tasty too. 

After lunch, the tour guide must have mellowed down and he took us on a walking tour around the heritage streets... for some street arts....
I am sure my sister Vicky could love this ....

and this...

so my sister stood in for her to take this photo..hahaha!

And I read that only crazy English men could walk in the midday sun! It was so hot! Now  this must be the punishment that the tour guide mete out to us for not listening to him! hahahaha but we all seemed to love it!

Interesting recycle items - not sure  whether they can stand the weight.....

Don't throw your old shoes or the one that the dog have miss,  away...they can recycle also! 

Cute shop... selling you guess it... all things related cats and dogs!

Pity  we have no time to browse around... sure can get something for my doggies and kitties. 

Guess you know which one this is... too many were waiting to take the photo, so I took from this banner!

This sure bring back memories for her (my eldest sister) and me...... she is the one who had taught us to ride the bicycle... which sadly I had failed to do so todate. According to Vicky (my youngest sister) she used to fetch her from school on the bicycle too and everyone thought she was Vicky's mother!

beautiful facade of the heritage shophouses. 

Finally, we ended the walk with this art piece at...... 

this shop... the appetising aroma of freshly baked buns- salted egg yolk, egg tarts etc and a much needed cold drink of herbal tea and soya bean. 

Then it is time to depart from Penang and we reached Kampar for our dinner around 5.30 pm.  It was again another sumptuous dinner - steamed chicken with ginger dipping, steamed garoupa, herbal soup, Deep Fried prawn with butter and coconut milk, Deep fried honey spareribs etc.
Thereafter it was all the way back to KL .... with the tour guide entertaining us with his hilarious jokes.
Thank God for a such a pleasant trip with wonderful friends... its the journey not the destination that counts. 

Have a happy weekend everyone. God Bless. 


  1. The trip sounds interesting, Elaine... I haven't been on a cruise before, I worry about seasick but I have seen and heard positive comments about cruising in the sea... Tour guides play an important role when it comes to touring.. Some can really make you laugh and some can be pretty boring.. :)

  2. Good morning ladies,
    Ms Reana... just go ahead ... and of course with some seasick pills as well.D:
    Sharon.... thanks
    Happy Zhong Festival everyone.