Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Eat First and most important... travel while you can still walk.... 

I had a very happy entertaining weekend with my collegues ...we have been working together almost 30  years and its over 20 years since we travel together and you can imagine the fun we had when we come together.  It was a mini getaway to Penang for a 1 night cruise on the Star Libra.   

We had an early start from KL and by the time we reached Penang it was lunchtime.  Our first stop was a tour to the Kek Lok Si Temple and of course for the famous Assam Laksa......which we did not take.  
Most of us have been to the temple before and so chose to wander around the market area while waiting for the rest of the group.

 Been to this area before and yet how could we have missed this place...

Rows and rows of the biscuits that we grow up.... the rectangle biscuits with lemon cream.....

 the "toh chee peng", colourful wafers biscuits and don't forget the sultanas biscuits....(these were the ones which I bought...hahaha).  I know, I know... these are easily available at the Pasar malam in KL, but just cannot help myself! They look so tempting and they are so crispy and fresh!

Packets of prawn crackers, snacks and those roti which are delicious with a cup of coffee!

Just a nostalgic photo .. 
 Came across this lad making his puttumayam - very mild pandan flavour so maybe it was just for the colour.

Indian Apom-

While we are thankful for the very good weather,  we were also being frazzled  with the heat,  so much so that we seek refuge in the coolness of  a bank's ATM center to wait for the rest of the  group that went up the temple.  
The Star Cruise depart from the Port Swettenham Pier and after an hour waiting for them to process our boarding card.  This card double as  the key to your cabin as well as a credit card as no cash will be transacted for whatever purchases made on board.  We will have to settle the final bill on departure from the ship.   We finally were allowed to board the ship around dinner time.
Star Libra (behind partially blocked)- with a capacity for 1,480 passengers within its 10 decks with  a total of 740 cabins. It has 8 bars and restaurants, 2 swimming pools, 2 jacuzzis, basketball court and a jogging track. There is also a karaoke lounge, disco and nightclub and also a fitness center too.  That truly means there is no shortage of entertainment and fun for your holiday on board.

The reception area and  there was a pianist playing to welcome us onboard... 

My girlfriends and ex-colleagues! 

trying to locate our cabins...its like a maze.... 

finally inside our "room" for the night.... compact and clean.  My sister sharing the cabin with me.  

How nice to receive these tea sachets!  

We decided to go for our dinner without wasting much time as we were hungry by then. Our first stop was the Chinese cuisine........ 

The set dinner menu- herbal soup, braised pork belly, Fried Fish (think it was the golden pomfret); chicken with chinese sausage, siew pak choy with wolfberry and a small plate of tomyam noddle salad, accompanied by rice and chinese tea as well. The above set was for 4 of us. It's first come first serve and servings were according to the number of pax at a table. Lastly dessert was sea coconut with longan tong sui.   

If you are still famished, then you can go up to Deck 9 for the international buffet which open till 9.00pm. There is also live band to entertain you while you are having your dinner- great atmosphere... you have the open sea, the gentle lapping waves and the cool breeze.   

The sun was setting by the time we went up...

sit down and relax and enjoy the sun set with the platter of fruits...

Beautiful sunset and skyline 

It was so relaxing - the cool breeze and laughter and singing and of course more food...

Finally it's dark by the time they demonstrate the safety drill and sad to say, saw less than half the passengers were present for this! Now I wonder what could happened if suddenly we were to experience something like Titanic! By this time, we watched excitingly as  the ship had started to sail towards the highseas! 

We went back to the decks below  and along the  corridors are some beautiful paintings and arts. 

Lights, camera and action.... let the show begin..

The live show  at the Star Dust Lounge- Simply the best - sizzling dance routines  and acrobatics shows from a Brazilian troupe.  No photography was allowed but it was indeed a very entertaining show.  

After the show, we made our way to...

"Open sesame"... door to instant money and wealth . 

This time I did not try my luck and it was just a quick tour to the Star Club Casino- it was too smoky and crowded inside and by the time we came out, the smell of cigarette clings on our clothes and hair...urgh!
So that's end a perfectly happy Saturday.     


  1. See the biscuits makes me crave for it... :)

    1. Good morning Sharon,
      Yes that's exactly what happened to me.... ended up buying lor! hahahah