Monday, May 19, 2014



A very belated Happy Mother's Day.. May God bless all mothers... human and creatures alike.

I was indeed blessed to celebrate this special occasion with some awesome people at the Natural Tropical Farm at Kampung Tua, Raub.

A beautiful sunrise greeted us along the highway to Bentong. 

There were around 23 of us  in the group and we were car-pooling, after a few misses and hits we finally gathered at Old Town Kopitiam at Bentong for breakfast and there we met the owners, Mr. Wong and Mr. Eric.  They had to come out of the farm to show visitors the way there each time.  It could be impossible to  locate the farm without their help.

Now from this ingenious tell-tale sign, you would know what Raub is famous for?

The road is inaccessible by car and we have to trekked the way in.... 

its almost 15 minutes walk through the "jungle"  or you can hitch a ride on Mr. Wong 4x wheel drive ..

a cool respite from the heat.... the clear river which provide the water require for the farm. 

Finally the farm before our eyes..

Guavas and papayas and durians too! - all organic as they used the natural way of farming.
No artificial pesticides or chemical fertilisers... they feed the soil as Mr. Eric keeps on emphasising to us. 

watermelons too

mangosteens in the bloom

Mr. Eric introducing us to...

Ms Karin from Norway (I hope I heard correct!).. she is a volunteer at the farm... welcoming us to the farm

Seeking some shade under this shed ....its roof  made from lallang grass!

Getting to know more about natural farming 

According to their website.. they have obtained the approval from Agriculture Department that their product has been certified organic in 2013.

But their main source of income comes from these Sunshine chickens....

these are happy chickens indeed.... clean (except their own poo!) and dry - surprisingly its not smelly as expected!

bright airy coops - healthy environment for healthy eggs!

They have provided lunch for us.... you guess it right... fresh organic vegetables from the farm.. 

sprouted beansprouts.... 

clear ABC broth ... 

fresh kangkong with taufoo....a prelude to the taufoo factory which we visited later...

After the lunch, it was time for shopping.... organic fresh eggs, papayas and guavas. Then it was time to say goodbye to the sunshine chickens and  made our way out.. to our next destination...  

Taufoo factory in Bentong...... 

Wintermelon growing by the roadside as we walked towards the factory..

a home industry ..... fresh soft white taufoo swimming  in large tubs of water.... 

Deliciously cold soyabean drinks to beat the heat..

Fried taufoo ... tasty  and no oily smell....

plenty of free fried taufoo ..... and of course happy shopping again... I like to support Malaysian products... hahaha

It is tea-time.... homemade Hakka kueh-muih..

Hakka dumplings -

Another  stopover..... can you guess it?

groundnuts salted and 

natural drying..... what do you think of this groundnuts bed, boys?

can't resist the golden pair of groundnuts!

We were not allowed to take photos of their factory as they took us around explaining the whole process of roasting (wood kilns) and packaging.

We said our goodbyes to Mr. Wong and Mr. Eric from here and make our way back to KL..

with a final stop .... Bentong famous  homemade ice-cream palour....

Just cannot made up my mind over the various choices... finally... coffee and banana...maybe chocolate and bananas could be a better choice as I find the coffee a tad bitter..overall creamy.

Mickey say "That's all folks... see you next time"

Happy ending....with many new friends!


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    1. Good morning Sharon..... its a relaxing place ... enjoyable trip

  2. one of these days i must go there for a visit. always pass by the on the way to KT but never stop coz like i said it's otw lo....

  3. Nice to bring kids to this place one day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good morning ladies.
    It is a educational trip.... they are on the fb and you can contact them so that they can bring you to the farm. Have a nice day.