Wednesday, May 21, 2014



I read about the events that had took place in temples for Wesak Day in the newspapers.
It was a great day to honour the birth, the enlightenment and death of the Lord Buddha, day of offering prayers and day of asking for blessings be it for self or for the country.
Surprisingly, I was not able to read about events that was linked to dogs except  about the stray dog that was shot because "it appeared  to look aggressive and was barking".... now I wonder who deserve to be shot!.
Anyway I had an exhausting but fulfilling day trip out on Wesak day with my new friends whom I met at the organic farm.  Both Christine and Sally are ardent dog lovers and if I thought I am doing something for the stray dogs,  I have been put to shame by  what they are doing. Christine had 9 dogs - all strays at home besides sponsoring and volunteering at the LASS- Lost Animals Soul Shelter and Sally herself also sponsoring a few dogs. Thank God for all dog lovers around the world.

It was a bright and sunny morning as we made our way out of KL and our  first stop was right into the nature....
and the Sg. Sendat waterfall at  Ulu Yam ..... I am very "ulu" did not know there was a waterfall here..hahaha

Quite a well organised and maintained place.... 

the roaring short waterfall.....

Some of the kids were already jumping down the cascading water to the cheers on the onlookers!

the peaceful river and its nearby picnic areas

Saw a group of teenagers from the 7th Day Adventist Church enjoying themselves...

........... and they shared their  BBQ vegetarian kebabs with us!

After relaxing a few moments, it was time to move on.... got stuck in the traffic going out  as hordes of visitors were making their way in... ..thankfully there were guards to direct the traffic..

Well, those kebabs were just the "appetisiers".... here comes the "mains" at this restaurant in Ulu Yam.... 
delicious fish cakes and fu-chok

the popular Ulu Yam Loh Mee- thick yellow mee smothered in equally thickened gravy with a tinge of the black vinegar... to me its tasted normal.

It was time to walk (or it is drive) off the heavy lunch and we were on our way to see the glass houses at Sekeping@ Serendah....

the pathway leading to the glass houses ... which is out of bounds for visitors..

this place is very serene and amidst the natural forest.... so imagine if you were to pay (quite expensive I was told) for these and then to see visitors roaming around  disturbing the peaceful ambience.

So we just tarried here for a while to enjoy the greenery....

Fantastic company.... from left: Sally, Ivy, Race and Christine.

And  there is another waterfall in Serendah .....this place look more commercialise and we did not stay long as it was very hot then.

Final destination for the day.... LASS.... 

Well kept enclosures- this area for the newcomers -  and they are building a pool in the compound so that the doggies can enjoy and cool themselves..

they definitely look happy, healthy and well fed... but they do need lots of love and a pet now and then...

So heartwarming to see them playing around...

following us around... this open area is for puppies... some of the Taylors Uni students were here constructing the playpen for the puppies.... God bless these young adults.... 

The person in charge... God bless her for the kind work that she is doing... explaining to us their needs..dogs food, old towels and clothing (to dry the dogs), rice and of course sponsorship of the dogs most welcome as they do not have any government support.  But the most important of all, she told us, is to have time to drop by and play with the doggies and love and pet them so that they don't feel abandoned or neglected.  We are planning  to help raise funds for them.... all sorts of contributions and suggestions  are welcome. 

It was already sunset by the time we left the shelter and make our way back to KL.


their signature dish.... pumpkin mee with "fish paste" 

this Fried Meehoon was very tasty.... no seasoning from soya sauce.. just cabbage and dried prawns.

Pumpkin Mee with the fish paste... not the usual fish paste but which are so light as taufoo pok (soyabean pockets)

The pumpkin mee tasted quite ordinary udon mee... could not get the pumpkin flavour though. 
But overall it was a satisfactory meal..

Thus ended a very meaningful day for me.... good company, tasteful foods and got to show some love to  the doggies... so don't shot the strays, they didn't choose to be strays...


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