Sunday, June 1, 2014



We braved the weekday's traffic jam and the rain, killing 2 birds with one stone celebrate a belated dinner for my brother 50th birthday and an early birthday celebration for his wife.  Knowing that he loves his steak,  we decided to go the Steakhouse as I heard that it it offers one of the best steak around.

There seems to be only valet parking available around this popular watering hole area.  The Steakhouse is next to the Whisky Bar, not a prominent signage compared to the rest of the bars and pubs which are screaming for attention with the bright neon lights and loud music. 

Step inside and  immediately you are calmed by the pleasant ambience with its dim lights and soft music..... but with  plenty of cows are looking down on us... hahaha I mean the pictures!

He is telling us... we have come to the right place for a good steak! 

We sat back  to enjoy the night and were entertain every now and then with the music by the bagpiper coming from next door  The dining room was separated from the bar by a thick curtain in the middle of the room.   There was some sort of event going on in the bar, so every now and then the bagpiper could make some
complimentary soft warm bread... 

and complimentary cup of tomato soup- hot, thick and delicious. 

But we also ordered French Onion Soup - lovely melting cheese over the sweet caramelised onion soup... a bit salty to me..

there were 2 pieces of meatballs in the soup as well.... good

The mushroom soup looked creamy but was a bit thin texture otherwise it was still tasty and it was served a piece of bruschetta with some sauteed mushroom.   

the condiments for the steak - variety of salts and mustard.

Oven Roasted half chicken.. tender roasted with its moist meat- the food portions are rather big here.

Hahaha-- 700 gm of T-bone Steak....yummy, yummy

a photo before we start our meals....

My niece wondering ..... "now shall I start with the beef stroganoff  or potato rosti"...

The very pleasant surprise..... 

the staff playing the birthday song..... a tiramisu for him ...

and the happy smiles said it all..... her favourite cheesecake...

With compliments from the restaurant....  thank you for the generous gesture, it truly ended  our night out  on a sweet note ..... and a bit tipsy(the shots were slightly acoholic afterall).


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your brother...

  2. Good morning Sharon,
    Thankyou and have a nice day