Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Today, my sisters and Diana are having a reunion with one of their classmate.   Madam Cheong had also migrated to UK after her nursing training but is now retired.

So both Sarah and myself decided to go the Portobello market.  We took the train down to Hammersmith station.

"Etcetera" statue in entrance of Hammersmith  station.  
Hammersmith is an area known as a place for free thinking.  

"No business, never mind.....just don't show your third finger....
opps sorry its gone....." 

The colourful graffiti at entrance of the market. 

This mosaic mural was inspired by the stories of the volunteers who went to Spain in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 and the refugees fleeing from Spain including around 4000 children who arrived England by boat.

Jom, pergi makan pagi... 
Yes, a Malaysian cafe in Portobello by a friendly Malaysian couple serving authentic halal food..
had a sudden hunger for curry puff... yum...but GPB1!

Walking along the market place....

a peek into the one of the garden cafe... Italian cafe 

abundance of fresh  produce....and cheap too !

Wait... saw this eye catching window display...

ah..... the Hummingbird Bakery.....

Sure cannot resist..... 

bought their carrot cupcake... a bit too sweet for my liking.... 

This is vintage at its best... hundreds of sewing machines along the walls

and the astounding window display as well.

You cannot miss the Singer Logo... 
Singer sewing machines were started by Isaac Singer in 19851. 

There is this hand-crank machine too.

enamell ware..

Vintage teapots and cups..... pretty expensive too

baskets and boxes as well 

personalised shoes... 

Even though it was a weekday, the market attracted plenty of tourists and locals as well too.

We bought  some beautiful scarves for the girls and souveniers 

Pretty colourful facada of houses in Nottinghill.......  
we tried to look for the film location but was informed that the bookshop was no longer around.. 

After all the walking, it time to rest and have a bite... 

Pumpkin Gnocchi with spinach..  too large portion 

seafood risotto - delicious

Pleasant cafe with tasty food and friendly service....so good to sit and people watch... 


  1. My hands are so itchy whn i saw all the fresh vegetables.....must be nice to buy and cook there

  2. Good morning,
    Yes, I think my sister who went shopping with Diana had to be restrain by her! Food is cheap dollar to dollar there!

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