Monday, October 6, 2014



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all over the world iconic buildings are illuminated in pink in support of breast cancer awareness.

Strength, Hope and Determination 

I was at the One-City on the public holiday.... see the long queue of cars  

View from inside... that's the skypark above us.. can see people walking above us. 

Took a quick lunch at the Korean Restaurant... Bibambap vegetarian set 
It is not too spicy but the rice was warm... I was told that it is normal way of serving the rice?

Gimbap set ... 

We were actually here for the Yuan Carnival that was held on 4th and 5th October organised by MCT Group and also in collobration with One fm and NTV7 and 8 .... 

Huge turnouts but I was not able to see the artistes and singers..

I was helping out at the Breast Cancer Awareness booth ...

The sponsor for the booth was Bizzy Body Slimming Centre. This year in support of the breast cancer awareness, their tagline: Reduce your waistline Reduce your Risk. As you know obesity is one of the causes of breast cancer.  For every slimming packages that was signed, they donate RM20.00 towards the association.    

The WWF booth 

Helping to save the tigers..... tiger ears and tail!

Air Asia having promotion 50% discount for packages to China for purchases on 4th and 5th only. 

Ah Huat Coffee mascot !

Kids were having fun with this!

My weekend bake ? Of course something pink ! Recipe from MamafaMi.

.I used just a fresh blueberry as filling..  

trying to get even polka dots.... 

Taste like "Fatt Goh" 


  1. Hi Elaine, how you doing?Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures. You mini cupcake look so colourful and cute. Well done!

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  2. Oh pokkadot muffins...I used to love them...dip in kopi o

  3. Good morning ladies,
    Thanks for reading... hope you both are in the pink of health!