Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Today is my 2nd Birthday and my mummy and daddy had organised a birthday party for me and invited all my aunties, grand aunties and uncles and also my cousins.  I am so very very happy and excited,  thank you mummy and daddy! XOXOXO

this is my family photo- 
my youthful  Popo,  my  quiet  Gong-gong, my macho daddy, my beloved mummy and my 2 yi-yis

I can feel the love from everyone....

See,  my A. Sarah prepared the macaroon stand  and baked the macaroons all by herself. 
Also look at my daddy, he is putting up the decoration and hey, I can see my name is up there!  

see I got a BIG car  from my yi-yi too!  

My mummy chosed this nice place for my party.... plenty of space for me to run around with my cousins

with lovely view of the tall buildings!

Hi, grand-aunt, see I  can eat by myself now! 

My mummy and daddy bought this beautiful birthday cake for me and my yi-yi made those stickers for the water bottles.... 

and ordered these cupcakes too from Chef Leah
My mummy told me to help and do kindness because she bakes to raise for her little sister Adele who is brain injured. I pray that little Adele will get well soon.

My mummy was the perfect hostess that night,  checking the food is enough for everyone,  chatting with friends and family and letting me eat and drink whatever I want !(blissful sign!). 

Playing with my cousins at the kiddies corner!
Then everyone sang the birthday song for me first, then again for my Gong-gong, and then again for Ging Yi and lastly for Yunn-Yi.  Why- because Mummy said they "tumpang" my party as their birthdays falls on 30/10, 31/10 and 1/11, so Mummy said "kill one bird with 2 two stones".

My mummy and daddy  and me thank everyone who came and hope you all have enjoyed yourself as much as I did..

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