Thursday, October 16, 2014



This was our last day in London.  So both me and Sarah made our way to the last destination of our itinerary in the UK.   Today was also Diana's medical check up  and both my sisters decided to go with her  as she had problems communicating with the doctor. Besides both of them had already visited the lavender fields in Australia.

This is the best time to see the lavender fields..... 
This is an organic lavender farm without use of chemicals and pesticides.  This family-run farm  is started by Brendan and wife Lorna.  This 25 acre farm is the exact site where lavender were grown during the 18th and 19th century.

As we near the destination, we can smell the heavenly fragrance of the lavender.

it was rather scary to walk along the paths as there are bees buzzing around!

cannot find the words to describe .....

The little shoppe with all things lavender!

bunches of fresh lavender, dried lavender in sachets, tea,, diffuser, essential oils, lotions etc

cold refreshing and thirst quenching lavender lemonade!

back to civilisation......another Globe? 

long queue ..... 

to go inside the museum, so we went into the shop..

crammed inside as well.. just browsing through the memorabilia for sale

Sherlock Homes lived here? But isn't he  a fictitious character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  
Some said it was based on a real man Dr Joseph Bell, a renown forensic scientist whom he studied under while some claimed that a real-life investigator Jerome Caminada was the real inspiration. 

Opposite the road is Beatles store... 

we crossed over and browsed inside..

all things beatlemania..... yes just got myself a bookmark of this picture

After a brief lunch break at Pret-A-Manger, we crossed over to ...

The British Library 

Statue of Isaac Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi...
- immediately thought of another sculpture .. The Thinker by Rodin in Paris. 
Nothing to do with the  latest app the Last Word  where you leave your messages before you meet your Maker (the Sunday Star 28/9/2014 page 24), but it is name of the Caferia outside the library

The King's Library  Tower 
This 6-storey tall glass tower is in the heart of library.  It housed the vast collection of books around 65,000 volumes on all subjects including books on Jews, Muslim Catholics and Protestants by King George III during the period of The Age of Enlightenment (15th to 19th Century), a time of great collectors, explorers and discoveries, including a copy of the Gutenberg Bible. The tower is built with UV filtered glass and together with a environment system which helps to maintain the appropriate light, temperature and humidity level to ensure the volumes in a good condition.     

"Sitting on History"
No, this is not one of the Books About Town bench. This bronze statue by Bill Woodrow, a British sculptor in 1995. The ball and chain refers to the book as the captor of information from which we cannot escape. He also designed the statue for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.. "Regardless of History" (Spring 2000 to Summer 2001). very interesting sculpture...   

What are those spires overlooking the library?


  1. so much lavender there...must have been great walking around there.

    Argh...sherlock holmes...I think i will spend whole day at the musuem if permited

    1. Good afternoon,
      Its heavenly... except for the BEES....