Sunday, June 8, 2014



After the rice factory it was time for our lunch in the town of  Sekinchan. With the sea nearby the lunch, of course consisted of  fish, prawns and even crabs!

After lunch, its a detour back to Kuala Selangor

the Kuala Selangor river...  where  you can cruise along the river and watch the fireflies at night. 

Before we arrived in Kuala Selangor, the bus took us to this Pantai Redang...

the first thing that struck us from afar was this giant tree with hundreds and hundreds of red ribbons fluttering the wind..... 

We were instantly awaken from the sleepy stupor that had already overcome us from the heavy lunch's funtime... 

These are the wishes written on those ribbons: May your wishes come true.... May the Lord bless your going out and coming in... free (for a donation for the temple)..

After numerous tries,  I  learnt that you cannot just throw it upwards... law of gravity will always bring it down.....

You need to swing your arms and toss it up ... trying to show off with the jumping pose for the camera..

Mission accomplished...Thank God for the blessing..

hummmmm..... pretty maids in a row what  are you wishing for? 

Fine white sandy beach but not many people are swimming here....

...because  it was noontime and  everyone seeking out whatever shelter from the sun....

 Enjoying themselves at the "mini playground"

After leaving the beach, our next destination was to go visit the museum and the hill in Kuala Selangor which none on the bus were interested(psst... actually most of the ladies were more interested in shopping..hahaha).  It was blistering hot outside and we preferred the coolness in the bus and time to take a nap after the sun.   

Then it started to rain and we had made a dash for the restaurant as the road in front of it was flooded... 

thankfully, the sky cleared by the time we finished our dinner. The view opposite the restaurant... yes it is in the midst of this plantation...  

the famous Beggar Chicken...
I was expecting hammer and all in order to crack open the chicken which had been wrapped and baked in clay.... therefore was actually surprised to see this package being served this way. Meat was moist and falling off the bones and its flavour like the herbal chicken.

Another of their signature dish..... Steamed Savoury Glutinous Rice.  Soft sticky glutinous rice with generous mixture of dried mushroom, dried oysters and dried prawns and salted egg yolks too...just love it. 

Also the Beggar Duck...very tender meat and this is slightly salty but equally delicious.
There is herbal soup, Fried butter prawns, Claypot Curry Fish and of course...

showing off.....BIG BIG Fried Black pepper sauce  crabs

Truly very satisfying meal even though the service was a bit not so cheerful and warm.
Overall it was an interesting and joyful trip with my family. 


  1. Sekinchan is an interesting place! Few films were being made there.. the recent one is Outbound Love from HK... I remember the sign... it was shown on Astro recently.. Nice.. hope I can drop a visit to that place one day!

  2. Good morning
    To see the paddy fields the best time is around June- July.

  3. come so near my house leh...10 more km will arrive my house liao