Monday, June 16, 2014



We must be very tired last night or is it that homely-feel of the house that made us all slept so well.  As usual I was the first one to wake up and took the time to explore the neighbourhood.  

Lovely pre-war houses with those beautiful cravings along the roof.. Most of the houses along this road has been renovated and turned into boutique hotels, cafes or souvenier shops while maintaining the ancient facade 

As you can see the houses are built right up to the roadside...

Traffic were still  closed to allow for the marathon runners  

The Red House- nothing to do with the Stadthuys buildings,  sell all sorts of  traditional paper cutting and wedding paraphernalia.  I was informed by the lady that his son did all these paper cuttings personally and I am pleased that this art has a craft master.     

The Baba and Nyonya Museum

Traditional Nyonya shoes are handmade here... exquisite bead-works on these shoes, the cheapest pair starts from RM198.00 onwards 

Came across this antique flea market...well someone's rubbish is another treasure.... 

Retrace my steps back to the house to wake them up for breakfast at this place..... 

Heeran House hotel upstairs and downstairs the cafe 

Set breakfast RM15 each... free flow orange juice, coffee and toast. 

After breakfast, its time for last minute shopping 

Nice paper craft 

handmade original clogs.... but the owner was not so friendly. 

Lovely mosaic tiles  

For our homestay, we were given discount vouchers to purchase from this shop- Joe's artisan handcrafted jewellery..  

We met up with friendly Mr. Joe, an interesting personality... he is also a tour guide and has some wonderful tales to tell us.....

some of his magnificent handcrafted jewellery... limited edition each.  Are you wondering what is the crab shell doing here?   Look at the shell and observe is a very interesting historical event and miraculous fact  that he was relating to us. If you want to know more, you can contact him at the shop for a guided tour..

After visiting him, I realise that there are actually a few specimens of his handcrafts in the this skylight in the master bedroom...

this  beautiful chandelier on top of the staircase 

the tabletop lamp at the corner of the living room..

even this light near the bathroom.... 

and of course this delightful fish mobile above the aquarium.

We went for an "early" lunch as we saw that there were only a short queue outside the Famosa Chicken Rice shop.  But alas,  I found the food  here were overrated and no photos at all.   It was getting hotter ...

so we decided then to go for our free coffee at The Calanthe Cafe.. 

already getting excited at the entrance.. something is beckoning us to go inside...

what a wonderful interior....

  ... like stepping into someone's living room ......even with the black and white TV..

cupboard full of Mr. Joe's trophies collected during his Boys' Brigade days... how I know?... because my son and nephews were all former BB boys of the 1st KL Company..

great place to sit back and enjoy! 

We did enjoyed our dessert here...... warm chocolate brownie with ice-cream and bananas with chocolate sauce......
New York cheesecake....

After lingering here its time to go back home... ie KL .
Before we left we went to the Baba Charlie Nyonya kueh, but they are all sold out already. Last try to look for satay celup... found the restaurant but only open for business at 4 pm.  So next time then.
The journey back was not too bad and we managed to reach Kl after 6pm.


  1. yes been to the cafe twice.nice cozy plc. fr outside does look much but inside was like WOW

    1. Good morning.... yes, reminds me of the house where we used to stay.

  2. Did you try the famous mille crepe in Malacca?

    1. Good morning Sharon.
      No, as the queue was very very long and it was too hot to wait..

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    it up!

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    1. Good morning,
      Thank You for reading.

  4. Hi Elaine, Malacca is one of the best place to visit and for makan. Thanks for sharing your very nice pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend.