Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Step by Step towards your goal and success  

We were invited to join my brothers' company annual CNY dinner at the Pullman Hotel, Bangsar.
Their company had done some works for the hotel premises.   It is heartening to meet the staffs and their spouses and even their children.  All of them have been with the company for a long time and we even have a second generation staff!.   It shows the harmonious and trusting relationship between the bosses and the staffs. I can truly say that all my brothers are hardworking, capable and generous bosses.     

Sampler of basic yu sang  outside the Oriental Thai Restaurant.
Rather misleading name but it is a Chinese Restaurant indeed. 
We had the abalone yu sang - everyone too busy with their "Huat-Ar"  no photos!!!

Here were some of the dishes for the night:-
Mixed Seafood Soup 

Treasure Pot speaks for itself ....

The goose feet was soft and tender and so was the abalone.... yummy. 

We started to dig in before the photographer (not me this time) said "Wait".....  

I think this was roasted duck but rather gamey smell.

Lastly the Waxed Duck with Yam Rice... 
the combination yam, spring onions and rice - delicious! We all have second helpings. 
The last plate of waxed duck .... till we meet again next year. 

Steamed Nian Gou served with ground peanuts, grated coconut and toasted sesame seeds
Sure- huat this year -with the teeny weeny gold leaf on top the nian gou!

Dessert- Osmanthus Flower and Lemongrass jelly - thumbs up for this-- good good good

art deco around the lobby

Thank you KKKJ for a wonderful dinner and time together.  May God bless you all abundantly throughout the year.  


  1. Wow..the food looks so authentic. What is Nian Gau? Is it a real fish?

  2. Yummy food alright... Nian Gou - a steamed "kueh' made of rice flour and sugar like dodol!

  3. Yummy food alright... Nian Gou - a steamed "kueh' made of rice flour and sugar like dodol!

  4. I love to eat those Treasure Pot dishes anytime.
    The fish shaped Nian Gou is so unique and yummy. I love that idea.