Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hey Hey Beautiful Sunday
May you have a sweet and happy long life

It's Valentine's Day and also 7th day of Chinese Lunar New Year, "yan yat". The Goddess Nuwa created human beings on this day and hence it is known as "human birthday"  
And what is a birthday without noddles.  The Chinese called these noddles for birthday- "Longevity Noddles" the long strands of the noddles signifiying long life.  

Sweet green bean "tong sui"
All the festive snacking are creating havoc on our body and complexion.  I read that green bean aids detoxification as well as remove body heat.  So decided to boil some "tong sui" (sweet soup) with the tub of dried candied fruits/vegetables - one of traditional snacks for which I always buy - though nobody would eat them!   My mother used to have these candied fruits in the lacquer candy tray including the red and black melon seeds.  These snacks are more for their symbolic sounding names ie  candied Lotus seeds for many offsprings; candied coconuts (there were white ribbons as well as brown chunky pieces)for togetherness, father-son unity; ginger for longevity; winter melon for growth and good health besides the candied carrot and lotus root (abundance) and honey dates (used to have candied kumquat). I added some dried lily bulbs (bak hup) too!   

Instead of the usual mee-sua,  this year I decided to use "mein peang" (dried mee bundles). This simple and easy and tasty noddles were my childhood favourite Sunday breakfast which my late mother made for us. Just plain sesame oil, soya sauce and dash of oyster sauce and most important lard!    

Well nowadays lard is consider bad for health. So I cooked some peanut oil and added diced spring onions into the hot oil.  

Blanch the noodles  in boiling water till cooked through. Immediately remove and mix with the sauces (mix the sauces together in a large plate) 

then pour over the hot oil and mix till combined.  Topped with extra fried shallots.

Baby Alexa going out with ....

daddy and mummy and

poh-poh too.  

While Baby Audrey had Lou Sang with her poh-pohs, mummy and daddy and

Uncle Bill and Aunty Vicky too.

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