Sunday, May 24, 2015



This bread finally met my sister-in-law Serena's approval.   She was delighted with the moist and soft bread that can last more than 4 days without preservatives! And infact I am also truly surprised too with the results.

See the texture - not dense even though the  baked loaf is not tall/high

golden  and shiny with the butter  rub on the crust.. 

My sisters and son would always buy  me packets of rolled oats and muesli from Melbourne whenever they come back.  But as I seemed to be the only one in the family taking these for breakfast and/or lunch (as replacement for rice instead) I could not finished them as quickly enough.  As the packets piled up in the freezer, I have to think of ways to use them before their expiry dates. 
I was very happy to find a recipe in the King Arthur Flour blog ie Vermont whole wheat Oatmeal Honey Bread that used rolled oats.  So I have make some adaption to the recipe and this is the wonderful result.   So get the recipe from their website. 

This is the packet of muesli which I used... mixed summer fruits ... 
even got a few tiny pieces of dried bananas. 

however I removed as much of the dried coconut flake as I could because they are not my favourite ingredient 

This is  my adaption: I used 90 gm of muesli plus 10 gm of rolled oats instead 99 gm rolled oats, 
I used 100gm  brown sugar instead of maple sugar and omitted the 21 gm honey because of the dried fruits in the muesli   

Boiling water is added to the above ingredients and let to soak and cool down to lukewarm before adding in the flours (bread flour and wholemeal four) 

The dough is kneaded (first trial by hand and 2nd time with stand mixer) and then let to proof for about an hour.
Divide dough in 2 and shape and let to proof again till double in size. 

Bake at 190C for about 35 minutes.  Remove from oven and rub the crust with cold butter.
Remove from pan and let cool. 

Happy baking.


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  2. so nice leh. yummy and healthy too