Wednesday, May 27, 2015


My best therapy for the weekend... baking when home alone.... nobody to disturb and interrupt you with their questions and  the dogs are happily sleeping (oh yes, they can very demanding at times.... ie pee and barking for attention)   and  the only noise are the ones that comes from you mixer.  I can take my time ...

Recipe adapted from the recipe of Guai Shu Shu... 
instead of bacon, I used these

leftover from Chinese New Year.   These are homemade bak hwa from a friend. 
We loved this meat and almonds combination and I had kept a few back in the freezer...till I almost forgotten about them.     

Butter and cheese are added to the dough after 5 minutes. 
The dough is further kneaded for another 10 minutes.  

Remove dough from stand mixer onto floured tabletop.  Knead in the pieces of the pork jerky till combined. 

Place dough in  a greased bowl and let to proof for about 2 hours...

till double in size.   Remove from bowl and deflate and lightly roll out to about 1cm thick 

I rolled the dough into a long stick and cut out each disc about 1cm thick  

Bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes till golden brown. 

 When some of the ingredients in my fridge is going pass the expiry date soon, I will try to look for a recipe and use them up as soon as possible.
These are some of  the ingredients needed for the Coffee Pecan Cake ..condensed milk (only 50 gm required, that means still another half can to go... what next?), fresh milk, chopped pecan (only 100 gm) instant coffee 4 tablesp mixed with 1 tablesp warm water) 250gm butter, self raising flour and sugar.    

basic creaming method.. butter and brown sugar. 

I used 2 8-inch cake tin  and  bake at 180C  for 20 minutes 
I was thinking of making some Irish coffee buttercream to sandwich them but in end was too lazy to do so.

Steamed pork paus 


  1. good idea wor. I never thought of making it like this. Usually just kapit the bread and eat

  2. Goodmorning,
    Try this way delicious, my daughter loves it..

  3. Good idea, but in my house will never have the chance to have left-over bak hwa.

  4. Didn't bake for quite a long time, quite lazy...

  5. Yes, the first tidbits to be finished before Chinese New Year ....this was my private stash in the fridge!

  6. Yes, the first tidbits to be finished before Chinese New Year ....this was my private stash in the fridge!