Monday, May 25, 2015


The weather forecast must be joking- today was supposed to be sunny day but again the morning was overcast.

One thing that impress me most is the cleanliness of the city and no joke  even the toilets such that each time, you seem to enter a clean toilet at any time of the day!  Eunice told me about the efforts of recycling waste products. Not only do they recycle paper, tin, plastic but also food waste as well.   And they have to pay for any extra food waste!  The machines on the right are for weighing the waste/recycle items and those of the left are the bins for each separate items... how smart!.... and you find the Koreans  are truly law-abiding citizens.. see the place is so clean too!  
As  I was updating this post, there was a recent article in the Star on 21 May Thursday, ( I think so) about the recycling...reproduced here:

beautiful pine tree and cones.

early morning walk along the Hyodoncheon river, one of the two stream corridors of the Biosphere Reserve.  The Reserve consist of the Mt. Hallasan, two stream, Hyodoncheon and Yeongcheon  and 3 islets (small island Seopseom, Beomseom and Munseom) 

some river activities - kayak rafting
clearly the difference between sea 

and the calm green river and fresh clear air. 

early morning exercise.... ..

This park is the part of the Biosphere reserve... next on is the

the Harubang guarding the entrance- .
Harubang meaning "grandfather" are stone statues the most iconic symbolic of Jeju Island.

another prominent features are these black lava rock walls around the village 

the only Korean drama which I watched through and loved.

She was in the later part of the drama she was exiled from the Palace and this place is the exact film location 

these houses are built with the lava stones

and the thatched roofs are held down by ropes because of the strong winds 

not sure whether this is a temple or Court  ... it was closed.

another  hareubang ... so many different facial expressions 

the famous black hair pig from Jeju Island- 
meat suppose to more tender and nutritious  and no heavy porky smell.

On the way to Seongsan IIchubong..

aka Sunrise Peak... the time of sunrise are given here.. 

The aerial view is like one giant turtle.
It is an extinct volcanic crater, about 182 meters high and 600 meters in diameter. 

get ready to was still misty and cold as we slowly follow the pathway up  

certain parts of the stairways were steep and crowded with tourists like us...

unique rock statue along the way 

step by step and finally we made it to the summit...

by now, we were already perspiring... off comes the thick jacket

they have provided this platform/steps for viewing the sunrise but we can only feel the heat but not the sum 

this is the rim of the  crater but cannot see clearly as it was so misty

going down the other side is much easier and quicker.......
still managed to get some good views of the coast

another last look.... most people have already discarded their outer jackets after the hike up and also the sun was coming out already.

a long walk along the coast of 

Candy House along the coastal walk  

Stone balancing - a form of prayer offering. 

and then we came across enormous field of canola/rapeseed flowers with crater in the background...

caught them on camera....

smoke hound for relying messages on the island...

Squids hang for drying before being grilled.... yes grilled squids is a very popular street foods around the island.
but it already lunchtime and as we were looking forward to the next best meal, we did not buy any. 

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