Tuesday, September 2, 2014



The new Cheras Sentral shopping center has opened last year around my neighbourhood.  At least it will make shopping a lot easier for us besides the eateries as well as Jaya Grocer (which I like because they carry a lot of the ingredients which may not be available elsewhere, though the price tags here are slightly higher). There is also a new hotel -Silka Hotel and also a Chinese Restaurant- The Moon Palace.     

sisterly love
We were there for dinner during a weekday. The spacious dining room was busy and we have to walk in to get the staff attention.  The prices were reasonable and the servings are available in small, medium and large portions.   

Fried Kailan with preserved olive 
This preserved olive is truly a versatile ingredient and  can be used to enhance any dishes besides being used for fried rice too. 

Braised Duck with yam.
This was quite disappointing as the pieces of  duck were small and not meaty enough besides having the gamey smell.  

This lightly stir fried medley of crispy lotus roots, crunchy celery, lilybud (pak hup) water chestnut and sweet peas  with the nutty almonds flakes definitely refreshing  was our favourite for the evening.    

Dong Bo Rou- Braised Pork Belly..
 While the pork belly is fork tender, I was expecting the usual aroma of the braising sauce such as  liquorice, anise, cloves etc but it was not distinct and the sauce tasted sweet.

These tiny fluffy buns were delicious eaten on its own 

Salt and Pepper flavoured Pipa Taufoo
there are only 4 pieces in 1 portion  but these are delicious. 

Last but not least, 2 Variety Fried Rice.. 
I was curious when I saw this on the menu and was wondering how they could have 2 variety of fried rice. When it arrived, I realised that the 2 variety refers to the rice itself  and not the method of cooking.  Its simply brown rice mixed with white rice :D!

The restaurant also caters for birthday and wedding banquets as well.  There is a promotional 30% discount on Dim sum from 3pm now. 


  1. The food looks very refined.. for small eaters, perfect! :)

  2. Good morning ladies,
    We were satisfied with the food.... good.