Tuesday, September 23, 2014



After our dinner (what else but Poached Chicken with beansprouts!) it was time to chill out with some coffee and dessert. 

Welcome to the Happy 8 Retreat cafe.... another novelty cafe..

Hello Tigger...

this is the courtyard ... photos were taken earlier in the afternoon

the coffee bar

 upstairs is the retreat/hotel.

 Vietnamese Black drip coffee

chocolate brownie served with chocolate ice-cream (vanilla could have been nicer)

In such a  place that reminded us of the place where we used to live(both pre-war houses),  the talk of course, was about the happy times and the naughty pranks of the girls when they were small.  
Good time yum cha with the girls...


  1. I thought only Penang have something like this...Ipoh also have it now. ice. Next time I go ipoh must bookmark this place

  2. Been there once.. but never see so much .. tiger was also missing when I went the last time.. hahaa...

  3. Good morning ladies,
    Its a nice cafe and friendly service that's most important... but then Ipoh has a lot of nice cafes now....