Tuesday, February 18, 2014



As everyone busy with their own Chinese New Year celebration with family, so it was just a day after the double celebration of Valentine Day's and Chap Goh Mei that I managed to meet up with my former aerobics "kakis".

Good news was that everyone of us had "prospered" over the Chinese New Year!  But who cares, it is time for more eating today. 

I always treasure the time together with them!  We have more or less known each other for more than 10 years- the love of exercise - aerobics and yoga classes that brought us together.  I am glad that we are still able to find the time to meet up and enjoy a meal and always have a good laugh together.

Our rendezvous this time was at the Japanese Takumi Restaurant at the Grand Millennium Hotel.

 The lobby - resplendant in gold and black decor, the spectacular fountain  with the majestic chandelier.
 Well, got to take a photo of myself- after all its my birthday celebration! D:
We were led to a cozy corner near the entrance  by the friendly staff,  which was perfect for the five of us. It offered us a space for privacy and yet still can still peek over to the main dining area.

We had vouchers for their special offer  for their set lunch.  This may be  their promotion as this restaurant is fairly new in the hotel taking over from previous Japanese restaurant.

Trio of appetisers : Spinach salad with sesame dressing, Potato salad and 2 silvers of tuna(?)
Nabeyaki udon with California maki set and chawanmushi.
The generous portion of smooth udon, clear broth with the topping of kelp, fishcake and a fried prawn (ebi) was totally satisfying. The chawanmushi was soft and silken with pieces of chicken, shitake and gingko nut.

Salmon sashimi and chicken karaage (instead of Tori teriyaki as it was sold out) set
served with rice and miso soup and chawanmushi

Fresh salmon sashimi

 The staff recommended that we try saba done two ways:  saba teriyaki with mini udon, served with miso soup and chawanmushi

Saba Shioyaki (grilled with salt) with mini udon, miso soup and chawanmushi
We loved both choices! soft flaky meat grilled perfectly- yummy!.

Tempura and sushi nigiri set with miso soup and chawanmushi-

Dessert was a bit of let down as we were  served with just a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. It would be perfect ending if green tea icecream were served.
The service was good.

Chinese New Year decoration at Berjaya Times Square.

I dropped by Berjaya Times Square as I wanted to register my IDD for my phone for international calls. However there were such a long queue at the UMobile centre!  I just cannot help but compared the service given  here and at the hotel.   Both are custom services... how come one can give good, friendly and efficient service (hotel) whereas at this centre, we must be invisible because the staff here are so unfriendly and taking their own sweet time!  I left after more than 20 minutes waiting....well guess I can make use of the free apps/calls without this hassle and can save my money too!


  1. Japanese foods, my favourite, got chance, we go eat together ya, hehe...

  2. Yes, Why not? See you in Singapore soon.

  3. Looks like we are the same ya. My son also suddenly on 2nd day of Chinese New Year asked to eat Japanese food. CNY going Japanese? LOL...