Monday, February 24, 2014



Don't  you be fool by these timid and harmless demeanour!

I know that my oven has been stone cold since the Chinese New Year.   Initially had planned to do some baking (otherwise nothing to blog!) but got distracted here.... these 2 lovely beauties are growing each day and I am terribly stress that one day they become pregnant.  I had been nagging  Esther to help me  catch them for spaying.  However they are scared of Esther but they like to come an rub themselves at my legs.... so no problem luring them into the cage.  
So the plan was changed... took them to the vet and this was what happened!

The white cat (Christy) went wild the minute they tried to take it out while Bonnie was so scare that she was trembling! We (myself, Esther and the assistant) tried to catch Christy but she was so quick and nimble... even to the point of climbing up the wall, brought down the grille over the ventilator fan and trying to push herself through the fan!... For a moment, I thought she would either be killed or escaped! Luckily she fell down and hid under the cupboard. Whilst all these were happening, you know what- the vet (a young Indian lady) was trying to explain to me about the charges and the bill!!! I am very disappointed with her attitude and lack of professionalism .... here we are trying to catch Christy and to calm her down and here she is seemingly  more concerned about the money!   Finally I got Christy, but not before she got her revenge on me for taking her here.....bit the hand that feed her! hahahaha!

So after getting my jab and dressing done, decided to go the Mines Shopping Mall again.... last 2 days of the book sale. Anyway, I cannot do anything much now.   

Esther enjoying her first weekend off after a very time!

Our lunch at the Cafe Sakura Kristal... Crispy Mango Chicken Rice..... not enough mango, in fact its just fried chicken with pieces of mango!

Prawn Noddles - a delicious imitation of the Sang Har Mee... loved the crispy fried wanton mee and the gravy!

Yes, more discount!  

Managed to get the paperback book "Black Heels to Tractors Wheels" by Ree Drummond- The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I loved reading her blogs... such beautiful photography and interesting and hilarious reads and recipes too!

We had a wonderful surprise.......we received a call from the clinic the next day that they had done the spaying and you ready for this..... Christy is a he! :D:D:D... cryptochid... one of his testes was inside his body... a form of birth defect.  No wonder he put up such a fight.....he must have been trying to tell me that!


  1. Oh's painful . I have been scratched before and had scars till today. More than 20 years ago lo.

    Do take care of the wound and put a lot of dettol.

    Very unprofessional of the girl in the clinic.should have help in catching instead of just talking about charges! went there again ya. Me went on the last day. Managed to get some great children books at a good price :)

  2. Good morning,
    Thanks ... its getting better now! Cannot resist the temptation to get more books! .. and got further discount too!

    1. Yup...I was there on Sunday afternoon. So happy get kids book with those press music book for only rm8 rm10. Bought some pots (pasu bunga) too so aunty...yet to draft post. Lazy ...may appear in a month or two lol

  3. Good morning,
    We missed each other....! Have a great weekend.