Sunday, March 31, 2013


Part 2 - 17/3/2013

From the QVB, we continued our walk to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It was another sunny day!

Sydney Tower.
Sydney has it fair share of beautiful old buildings

 Dymocks - books and stationary.

 Loved these elaborate designs and architecture of these buildings

The grand Strand Inn.

I am sure anyone been to Sydney would have passed by this little boy standing at the corner of the Commercial Banking Company (CBC) of Sydney Building.

Hidden gem amidst the city buildings

An oasis in the middle of the concrete city

The Nurses plaque at The Rocks.

 This alley is called the  Suez Canal- its the original alleyway.

So called as they resembled the stacks of hay left in the field after harvest. The name actually came from the  painting called "Haystacks" by a French artist Claude Monet. Haven't seen these here so far- maybe I can spark a  new craze of these cupcakes...hmmmm. 

There is the Rock Markets - a sort of bazaar selling artsy and homemade wares. 
If I can recollect, there weren't so many stalls, cafes, bistros around this area during my first visit here.  It is definitely very commercialise now and I kinda of find them ugly and spoilt the unique and quaint surroundings.

The Soldier
The settlers
and the convict- all sandstones

The iconic Sydney Opera house
Jeremy joined us after his errands.
"Sky Mirror" at The Museum of Contemporary Art - a work of art by British artist Anish Kapoor and it has both convex and concave surfaces so that there are constantly changing images.

We were too tired to walk over to the Opera House and decided to go back to Jeremy's apartment for dinner.

Even though, this is their rented premises, it has been decorated lovingly with tiny details that lend a homely and welcoming effect when we stepped into the hall.   Jeremy's winning photograph for Nikon above the TV.

Black and white colour scheme and assortment of chairs

Taking time to read all the congratulatory cards now

Balcony with a refreshing green view - lots of mature trees around the area

Eunice and her mother had prepared a Korean meal for us.
Red Bean Rice 

Korean anchovies which her mother brought all the way from Korea.
 Korean noddles with vegetables

Oh... this is piece de resistance, so tasty, so tender and flavourful.
And it is a lot of work too- according to Eunice, you got to soak the beef for hours to remove the blood and to soften and then grind the onions and garlic (and lots of them too!) and then it is braised/simmered for hours- no wonder it taste delicious.     

Seaweed soup

Sipping on this Korean wine and we were truly satiated at the end of the meal.