Friday, March 8, 2013


Wei Qi, Wei Yan and Sarah

I always have a soft spot for my young nieces, Wei Yan and Wei Qi. So when Wei Yan's birthday came up yesterday, I decided to take her and her family for a nice dinner. She will be sitting for her SPM exams this year.

I had recently bought some groupons for Bento sets offer at the Retro Cafe @ Vivatel.
Vivatel, Kuala Lumpur in Cheras is the latest addition to the Viva Home Mall. This  4-star boutique hotel started operation end December 2012. 

Sarah drove me down early as I wanted to check out their rooms.  The officer kindly escorted and show us the various rooms.   The rooms or rather each floors are designed according to the 5 elements in the Feng Shui:  Earth, Wood,  Fire,  Earth, Water and Metal. The colour schemes and decors for each floors  reflects the element, ie blue for the floor that suppose to represent the  water element,  Red for fire and earthy tones for the wood elements and so forth. The rooms are well design and spacious and I like the full length windows overlooking the Loke Yew highway or KLCC 's view. The grand ballroom can hosts 100 tables and is so vast and spacious as you cannot see columns sticking out inbetween.  There is an outdoor swimming pool as well as Club 7 which is exclusively for its VIP members. By the way Vivatel, Viva Home Mall, the KL Central Market and Kenanga Mall all comes under the same Kha Seng Corp. Sdn Bhd. group.

So back to the Retro Cafe on the ground floor.  The white background is perfect to liven up the place. I really don't like dark. gloomy (some may called it cosy) cafes.  I want to be able to see what I am eating!

Ops this is one dark corner of the cafe! Charming retro decorations surrounding the cafe make interesting topics.  There are comfy sofas besides the bar too. 

We must have been early for dinner as we seem to be the only group of diners and yet the food service was so slow.  We had to wait more than 20 minutes before the food were being served. 

 See my brother has started to read the newspapers as we all waited for our food.

There is this Bento sets are originally price at RM40+ +, however there is a discount of 40% promoton now.
There are only 4 choices of bento sets.

 Tori Teppanyaki Bento- Grilled Chicken with garlic butter with Stir-fry veggies

Saba Bento - Grilled Japanese Mackerel with Agedashi Dofu.

Tempura Bento - Deep fried Tempura (eggplant, prawns and fish)

The other is Tori Katsu Bento- Deep fried Breaded Chicken with Agedashi dofu,  which I forgot to take a photo as we were so busy digging into the  food when it finally arrived!

Each set comes with a bowl of Steamed rice (soft and fluffy); pickles, Miso Soup and Chawanmushi and pieces of maki.

Satisfying meal and happy faces at last!

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