Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Date:         16/3/2013
Time:         6 pm boarding
Place:        King's Street Wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
Occasion:  The wedding ceremony of my son Jeremy and Eunice Lee

Be prepared for lots of photos from my camera only.

Waiting for boarding. Don't worry I did change my sports shoes for a pair of heels.

 My nephew Wai Kit and his Korean girlfriend.
Eunice's mother in traditional Korean costume and her niece.

Wedding cake and wedding favours for the guests.
She chosed the romantic David Austin Rose for her bouquet as well as for the cake topping and around the place.  
Finally the bride and groom is ready to welcome the guests. Of all things, he had forgotten to bring his coat along when they went up to decorate the boat earlier in the afternoon.  So he had to wait till Eunice's mother came aboard with it.  
 The bridesmaids from Korea  with the Reverend's husband and friend. They know each other while they were studying in Sydney before.
 No introduction required here- both of us look so much alike.
We were served with white wine as soon as the cruise started. No red wine was served for the fear of spills and splashes due to the motion of the boat.

With Aunty May, Wai Kit and Hye Jung
 With the Reverend Robin Davies
 They had known each other for a long time and she is so happy for her. Reverend was full of praises of Eunice!.
With Candice, one of the bridesmaid.

 They had personally decorated the boat with those "banners of love" as well!

 The 2 new in-laws!

What is a wedding without food? Food was catered by the captain and his crew.  Here are just a few samplings of the food- mainly finger foods.
Iced cool cucumber drink- prefect for the hot weather!

Sushi and mini pumpkin quiche
 more delicious sushi
 mini sandwiches.
mini pies and other canapes including fresh oysters and satays as well!

Of course, there is the wedding cake - a Red Velvet cake with compliments from his boss.

The boat took us on cruise around Darling Harbour before stopping at the bay for the ceremony.

The father walking with the bride to  ethereal music  of  the song chosen by Jeremy - The Wedding Song by Angus & Julia Stone.

Service ready to start
The service was held on the upper deck. Message taken from 1Corinthians 13: 1-13.

Saying their vows to each other

Time to exchange wedding rings.

 Pronouncing them husband and wife.

Family photo.

Time for the groom to give a speech.

The jovial best man revealing Jeremy's secrets!

Seem that  Eunice is a very good salsa dancer but can't say the same for Jeremy though!

 Back to the upper deck
 for the fireworks  from the Sydney Opera House!
We also did created a tiny bit of "fireworks" ourselves!

Thanks to all his friends who came all the way from Melbourne too!

Jeremy's colleagues enjoying themselves.

These are jars of honey which they bought as wedding favours for their guests. Jeremy's handiwork seen here.

Time really flies and all good things have to come to an end, besides got to give the newly wed time off for themselves!

The boat took us back to the wharf around 10 pm and all the guests disembarked before it sped off with Jeremy and Eunice.
God Bless and be with you both always!