Monday, June 4, 2012


For my sister-in-law's birthday, I have decided to bake her a Peach Mousse cake. 

I made two 8" sponge cakes.  I am completely hopeless when it comes to cutting even layers of the cake. So I cheat and would normaly perfer to bake separate cakes instead. 

Made the peach mousse with pureed canned peaches and whipping cream and gelatin.

To assembly, place the 1st sponge cake at the bottom of the springform cake tin.  Top with peach mousse Top with 2nd sponge cake and finally more peach mousse on top.
Leave to set overnight till set.

For the topping, decorate with slices peaches and pour instant jelly to cover over. 
I realised though I had  2 packets of instant jelly in my pantry, both of them had already expired.  So I had no choice but to get the packet of instant strawberry jelly from the sundry shop.

Thus the sorry sight of the above picture - the jelly was weeping... it just does not set...

Hope she does not mind.   


  1. OMG! What a lovely birthday cake. Your SIL must have enjoyed the cake and your thoughtfulness.

    1. Good morning,
      Thanks for dropping by.